Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Connected Are You To The Love of Your Life?

Announcement:  So this blog has been on hiatus on and off for some time now.  And it has been for MANY GREAT REASONS.  So, things are going to be different around here and I really think you are going to like it.  I am hoping to get some great discussions going.  And the more interaction I have on the blog the better it will be.  When we get great discussions going there will be #giveaways! *read to the end for more details on #giveaways* The discussions will be on everything from Book Talks, Social Issues/Current Events Or Relationships and Being Authentic in a Computer and Media Edited World!  Sometimes the blog will be serious.  Sometimes it will be a product review and other times I will share what I am loving.  And of course, our family, our life, and what we are doing will be sprinkled in as that was the foundation of Seven Swans!  My Blog Will ALWAYS Be Personal, Honest, and a Troll #NoHATE site!
 I hope that you join me on my journey, comment (you can leave it anonymous if you'd like) and share my musings with your friends. 
 I hope that it will bring a smile, a lightbulb, a wrinkle, and inspiration.  

So let's jump in today with the first in my series of "Relationships Under The Rug."

When you have been in an intimate loving relationship with the person.  The person whom you would take your last breathe for just to know that they could live another day.  The person that you know better than any other person, than any other person that has ever loved them knows them.   Yes, you know them even better than their Mother knows them.  You have a deep and meaningful connection, one that is not easily severed.  

However, with most things in life nothing is actually equal, or is it?  Do you ever wonder if you love your partner more than they love you or vise-a-versa?  Do you ever feel like they wouldn't even begin to understand your love no matter how hard you tried to show wether it be through actions or words?

Relationships are complex living connections and often times we see a portrayal of a persons actual relationship a superficial view and often times a facade.  It is almost a taboo in the USA to say your relationship is going through a rough patch.  When this is said it is almost always believed that this is the beginning of the end.  You can pick up any tabloid any day and find at least one article written about a couple that is "getting ready to call it quits."  Marriage in our country is under attack by the media and people who like to start the rumor train.  It is as if every public couple must be perfect and well not human.  Not human, because humans are imperfection and relationships are a unity between two people.  Marriage makes that unity stronger as it is a legal and binding declaration.

So, in an effort to be real.  To break it down and get the conversations going on the stuff that people would rather sweep under the rug I am pulling up all the carpet and banning throw rugs.  I want to know your thoughts on the connection in your relationship/marriage.  Is it something that you feel is equal?  Do you think that you love your partner more than they love you?  Or do you know that you are loved more than you love?



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