Friday, March 20, 2015

In Response to Eva Mendes' Claim That SweatPants Are The Number One Cause of Divorce

It is an extremely rare day for me if I feel it is necessary to write about what someone has said that I disagree with.  Looking back over my blog I can not find a single instance in which I talk about someone else.  It is even more rare for me to comment about something "negatively."  I will tell you my opinions and be honest to who I am but it is always self inspired and never stating or quoting what someone or some company has said or done.  Even on my YouTube channel I will do favorites videos but try to steer clear from my "worst products," "Don't Buy," or "Product Fail" videos.  The only time I do that is if someone has asked me to give an honest review and I unfortunately do not like what they sent me-which is why I am very choosey in what I accept.  The same is true here on my blog.  The only place that you may see me speak out against ignorance is on my personal Facebook page.  However, Eva Mendes's recent interview with ABC News is one of the most superficial, ignorant things I have ever read.  No seriously, it is in my top 10 and perhaps if I thought about it more it might be in my top five.  I really hope that she was being sarcastic or joking, but that does not seem to be the case.

In the article Eva says that "the number one cause of divorce in America [is} sweatpants."  And that she "won't do that" meaning wear sweatpants.  Interestingly enough a quick google search of "Eva Mendes wearing sweat pants" will bring you to pictures of her leaving a "spa post work out massage" wearing pants that look to be sweat pants with open ankles (not elastic ankles) among others.  However, I will stick to her statement for arguments sake.  So, to say that my husband, who actually finds sweatpants sexy is completely bonkers compared to the rest of the nation and that I am just one lucky lady that he likes it when I, on the rare occasion wear sweat pants is absurd.   (I will note that I say rare occasion because I live in a warmer climate and sweatpants are too warm for me otherwise I have no problem with them).  I can understand where she may be going, to say that when a person no longer cares to get dolled up for the husband like they did prior to marriage can be discouraging, or it can be comforting because you are past the insecurities and have a love deeper than the superficial.

Interestingly Ok Magazine found this picture and a slide show of others where she wore "designer" sweat pants.  This picture though, is not "designer" they look like regular sweatpants to me.

The other thing I would like to note is that Eva Mendes giving marriage advice is humorous considering that she is not married.  On top of that research, you know the legit kind that universities do and then publish in peer reviewed journals...not celebrity interviews; they state that co-habitating prior to marriage, having children prior to marriage, and being insecure among a few other things are the ACTUAL most common causes of divorce.  It would seem that her sweatpants theory is a bit of an insecurity, especially coming from a 6 month post-partum, single (as in unmarried), co-habitating mom.

Instead of shaming women for wearing sweatpants perhaps Eva could instead read up on the real reasons for divorce and instead try to empower other women and empower herself.  She has long been named one of the Hollywood Beauties and in that same google search you will see her posing in a wide variety of fashion ensembles.  She also has said that she "avoids jeans at all cost" despite wearing them and pants in general often.  I am sure the pictures from that last link are exactly what Ryan Gosling came home to every day since the birth of her daughter.

However, there is something that I agree with her on and that is the fact that women wearing dresses is a beautiful thing.  I do not prefer pants but that is my own personal opinion and I do not think that the wearing of any type of pants could/would/should ever be the cause of a man to walk away from his marriage vows.  For such a beautiful woman (both on the outside and on the inside from the little bits that we see in interviews like this one) who worries about embarrassing her daughter or doing things that her daughter will not be proud of just told the women of America that sweatpants are the number one cause of divorce.  I would certainly hate for a woman who was left by her husband to have one more reason to blame herself for a dead beat walking out on her.  Or for a teenage girl to have any other reasons to feel insecure.

Next time I hope that she will keep her insecurities to herself or at the very least avoid calling them facts.

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