Saturday, March 7, 2015

A blog post that is just a hair different from my usual content :-)

I had an amazing day that I will write about tomorrow!  But Quickly I wanted to share a hairstyle that I tried today!  I followed this tutorial (2 parts linked below) on YouTube.  It was a great tutorial-easy and cheap!  Plus it was also efficient with my time!!  It took some time the night before but not too much.  I am sure it would be so much faster once you got use to it as well.  

Unfortunately, it was made for thick hair, that does not have to use hair spray (although she explains how to use the hairspray if your hair does not curl easily-so that is also a plus).  I ran out of hairspray after only a handful of curls and the results taught me that doing it without hairspray wouldn't work at all!!  I also learned that for my thinner hair it is better to do more curls with smaller amounts of hair, than to seperated the curled sections the next day.  If your hair is thin and hard to curl, then the less you mess with the curls afterwards-the better!  You will also want to spray your hair with hairspray after the curlers are removed.  

Unfortunately, the style does cause damage to thinner hair when taming the frizz and curls at the end of the day.  Plus teasing your hair is an obvious way to damage your hair and so I try to avoid it but when I pull my hair half up like I did with this tutorial I always tease it for volume.  

Lastly, if you are going to be in the car and have a headrest or something to rest your head on it is very possible that the curls will fall out like mine did.  

(After only a few hours -not even half of the day-all of the curls that were not sprayed with hair spray prior to curling have fallen dramatically)

So, smaller sections with more curlers, definitely use hairspray before rolling on curler, and spray with hairspray when you remove the curl from the curler!  

This is a neat and new look that I want to try again, and hopefully perfect.  This will be a special occasion "do" and while it is easy and quick, it would not hold up for an every day look as much as I wish it would.  Maybe one day I will master a way to make it last!  

One thing to note is that NOTHING has ever given me this much volume at the end of the day, so if I need volume-now I know what to do 😉!!

Tutorial Video Part 1:

Tutorial Video Part 2:

I hope that you enjoyed this blog, it is not something that I typically do here.  I am having a lot of fun stretching my "share level" by sharing a wider variety of content.  😊

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