Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tonight Let's Talk Authors!

It is always nice to share the people, businesses, organizations, families, artists, etc that just do good.  For instance one of my best and most dear friends on the planet, who recently got stationed where we are stationed for her second time, called me today to ask about Aidan going to youth group.  She knows that Brendan is on a TDY (short term deployment) but aside from that she always checks in to see if she can help us in any way possible.  She knows that me getting back to people on the phone is pretty much non existent so she sent a few text messages.  She knows that I also don't usually take longer than a few hours responding, not that it never happens.  So when I hadn't responded she told me she was concerned and wanted to know if we were ok.  Miraculously it was perfect timing for me to reply back the details of the past 24 hours which included well over 300 grand mal aka GTC seizures.  Some that happened in public yesterday during a busy errand day and have not slowed until this evening.  She is still not at her current "base line" and I am not sure why but we are working on it.  So anyway, my friend came to pick Aidan up for youth group and is dropping him back off even though she lives about 2 minutes from the meeting place and we live about 15-20 depending on traffic in the opposite direction!  On top of that she brought two frozen casseroles for us so that I could just pop one in for dinner and had a back up in case these seizures stay their current course over the next few days or so.  Now that is a heart for service and considering my love language is acts of service I am over flowing with appreciation and have an extra skip in my step to handle what this night will likely bring.

However, the purpose of my post is not that but it is related.  You see, I want to share some authors with you that not only write really great books but each and every one of them reach out and love on their readers.  Every one of them have shown both a love for their fans, direct contact via letters/emails/twitter/facebook etc.  AND some of them have even reached out to help families by either sharing information about the family or with a financial contribution to a fundraiser such as our gofundme page!  I am not going to name who did what.  But I am really wanted to write a post about these famous individuals who are down to earth and truly love their fans and do what they can when they can.  I am sure that they are flooded with emails and fan mail, but each of these ladies not only got my email telling them about a vlog I did about their books, but then they watched other blogs and learned about our family and reached out to me.

In this society it really blew me away when they choose to see our family and then love on our family.  Especially when you cannot expect to get any response from some you tubers or other people who are "famous" in their own social group.  Does that make sense?  I hope it does because it does to me hahaha!

So without further ado I want to introduce you to these authors in no particular order.

A.G. Howard, Author of Splintered, The Moth In The Mirror, and Ensnared

Anne Voskamp, Author of One Thousand Gifts, UnWrapping the Greatest Gift; A Family Celebration of Christmas (this was our devotional this year), A Child's Geography Explore His Earth 1 & 2 *my favorite geography books that we used for years and I cannot wait to replace them post fire!!!

Quinn Loftis  Author of Elfin, Call Me Crazy, Into The Fae, and more.

Susan Kay Quinn Author of the Mind Jack Series of Books and more.

Be sure to check out their books or their information on Goodreads (my favorite app for all things book related, if you are a reader you must download this app!  It is semi-social media for readers!  There are "suggestions based on what you have read" (to help you pick what to read next!), "scan a book" (so when you are out and about and you see a book you might be interested in you can keep track of it by simply scanning the bar code with the Goodreads scanner), "contact the author," "book reviews," "overall rating of the book" (based on thousands of reviews and ratings from all Goodreads readers), "alerts to up and coming books to be published," "follow your favorite authors," "groups," "a timeline of what your friends are reading," and "message boards."  But you don't have to use any of that, you can simply use it to create your book shelves of what you have read, what you thought about it, and you can track your yearly reading goals.  It is a pretty awesome site and it inspires me to continue my love of reading no matter how hectic life can be!  Sometimes all you need is to be swept away to another time and place for a chapter and then you are ready to tackle whatever is next on your to-do list!

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