Monday, February 16, 2015

The Book That I Miss the Most

Being an avid reader, life long learner, mom of five children who kept baby books, a homeschooling mom with a library that I was way too proud of, a scrapbooker who had one for each pregnancy-each first year-each year that we have been a family-a wedding book-a pre wedding book-an anniversary book-a goals from our first year of marriage scrapbook (and the list goes on)...  I am also a writer, and someone who has kept a journal since my early years of life; it may be hard to guess which book that I miss the most, or even why I felt the need to share this on my blog.  I mean seriously get over it-the fire was months ago, right!!  

Some of the books I had are not in print anymore.  Some were new and some were from the early 1900's.  I had pictures from WW2 and even earlier than that!  I miss a lot of my historical treasures.  But what I miss most is a living book-a book that is not only the blueprint to life, but a document of my growth and change as a human being.  It was dog eared, highlighted, underlined, stared.  It had paragraphs written in its margins and emoji's drawn throughout.  It had special dates recorded and even dates scribbled under my ah-ha moments.  

If you haven't guessed yet it was my Bible.  And it just so happens that they do not make the version/size/cover that fit so perfectly into my hands and purse and had been worn out to the point of needing one of those covers (that I don't particularly care for) just to hold it together.  This Bible had rear stains on some of the pages, and it had been there for me from shortly after I became a Christian until the day that it was no more.  

For the past several months I have easily replaced our Child Training Bible, and have been using an app on my phone and kindle.  Until I actually broke the app because I wrote too many notes in the "margins" aka note taking portion of the app.  So the app froze and I had to delete it.  I was so upset about loosing all of my notes yet again that I ddecided to renew my search for a replacement Bible that I could hold in my hands and mark to my hearts content.  

I found one that was beautiful and perfect for someone who wanted to take notes.  But all the space for notes cost me the size of the print and apparently I can not read small print anymore haha!  (In reality I can read it, I just do not prefer it, it is just very difficult and not at all what I am comfortable with.  

I remember going through the struggle to find the perfect fit for me when I first became a Christian.  The first Bible that I wanted was a youth/pre teen even, Bible.  Being 20 and pregnant with my first child I was a little embarrassed but I was convinced that I had to start with the "beginners Bible" because that is what I was, a "beginner Christian."  This lasted a few months but then I was so annoyed with the explanation highlights that I knew I just wanted Gods Word and for Him to highlight what I needed to learn/hear/read.  That is when I found my "Perfect" Bible (for lack of a better name because it was in fact-perfect for me.  It was the perfect shape, size, texture, and it had the perfect font and character size.  It had just enough room in the margins and between the lines.  And it had just enough extra info such as maps and other reference material.  As I said before, it fit perfectly in my hands and my purse.  

A few years later my mom sent me a study Bible and I used it in conjunction with my "perfect Bible" and the. I added a multi-translation Bible to the mix.  I love studying and learning.  I had so many Bible Study's that I kept to re read and also to see how God teaches you something new each time you read His word, even if you have ready read that portion or that study before.

But even when I would learn things in studies or through the various other Bibles and translations, my notes would always he cross referenced in my main "perfect" Bible.  So this Bible was in essence my spiritual growth chart and ultimate mirror!  

So last week I decided to pick up the search again.  I went to Mardel (it is the only Christian book store near to me that I know of).  And began the dauntless task of searching through their dozen or so floor to about 6ft tall shelves for the new "perfect Bible.  I debated over which translation to choose, if I wanted a Dynamic Equivelant translation or a Literal translation.  If I wanted giant print  or jumbo print.  I looked at Study Bibles and Traditional Bibles.  Red Letter Bibles and Key Word Bibles.  Then there are Reference Bibles and Hebrew-Greek Key Word Bibles.  It was mind boggling and was literally giving me a headache!  How did I find that little gem of a "perfect Bible" last time and what was it that glued me to that one even after having several different versions for study purposes?  And why couldn't I remember which translation it was?  

In the end, and literally right before I gave up and decided that I wasn't going to get one that day-and that I would just keep filing through what I already had even though it just didn't feel right...I spotted one that was all by its lonesome.  If was  purple color with just a hint of pink, not quite fuscia but almost.  It had a leather cover, was taller than I had hoped but I decided to pick it up.  It had roses on the spine and cover and as I opened up I saw that it was a study Bible.  

Was this going to be one of those that was full of "helps" and "highlights" that seemed to add and detract from The Word?  

I looked through it some more and couldn't really put it down.  The author of the "study" part was someone that I was well aware of and I have listened to his sermons several times.  And it was a Bible geared for women.  And it was on sale (Bibles can be VERY expensive!)

In the end, I decided that I would give it a try!  I am so far very pleased but I am not ready to say that this is my "perfect" Bible yet.   It certainly doesn't fit in my purse and I obviously have not read it completely yet, so I can't speak on the additional Authors lessons.  But for now, I am content and really happy to be in the Word in a non digital way!  

Do you have a favorite Bible?  Do you feel like your Bible is your mirror beyond scripture but because of your transformation and written dialogue on how scripture transforms you?  

I would love to hear your "Bible story" in the comments!

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