Friday, February 13, 2015

Plus Size Fashion and Thrift Store Finds!

So as many of you know I prefer to wear skirts and dresses.  I have a personal view/feeling/calling basically something that I believe the Lord laid on my heart about the way that I should dress.  This is not an easy thing for me.  It is a struggle.  I know that ultimately God does not care more about what we wear than what is in our heart, but I also know that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  Temples should be cared for.

While I believe these things I know that God is working with me.  He is molding me and shaping me and continually teaching me.  For instance, he is teaching me what I should focus on after we lost everything.  He has taught me to set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals.  He has taught me to break it down and make each goal a "purpose."  Because lets face it, we are not always going to hit our mark every single day. But when we continually purpose to do something-even when we mess up, skip a day, have moments of weakness, or even moments of doing it our own way-we can turn around and get right back on track.

One of the biggest things for us is to go back to our roots.  To purchase only what is needed NOW.  For a mama who lives by bulk buying or purchasing when things are on sale to save money in the future, it has been hard to learn to instead just get what is needed right now.  I am not saying that you should not plan for the future.  But right now our entire future is uncertain.  We have no idea when we will move back to our house and what that will look like.  We have limited space and even more limited funds.  We are repurchasing medical equipment all on our fundraiser $ and own personal income.  And we are focusing on what needs are the most important at the moment.

In this, I have been buying at thrift stores (always have really but just more frequently now) and lets face it.  Finding tea length or long skirts is not something that is easy.  When I had my sewing machine and notions and fabric it was easy to whip out some stylish skirts here and there.  But a sewing machine (although something that is on my Amazon registry/wish list and something that we would use so frequently, it is not a necessity).  And so the majority of my closet is full of jeans, summer dresses, one long denim skirt, and a few plane tops.

However, I made a trip to Goodwill the other day and found some really cute sweaters that were brand new from Target with the tags still on them.  I shared them on my youtube channel and thought that I would share them here.  It is always a great thing when you can find clothing that fits and that you like!  Now if only I could find some more modern modest clothing that was a reasonable price!!  (thank GOD for my half tees (link is above in my favorite things list) in the summer and under sweater vests in the winter!!  They make Target maxi dresses work every time!)

It is my goal over the next few months to return to my convictions and purpose to find cute and functional, stylish and fun, modern and modest, feminine dresses and skirts for me and my girls.  So as I venture on this journey I look forward to sharing the stops along the way, with you!

So without further ado here are pics of me in two of the three sweaters that I found.  I am saving the other one for tomorrow because it is pink.  Unfortunately, I did not find a good heart sweater or shirt for this years Valentines day and I am still hoping to find my fox sweater from Old Navy that I had pre fire, that Avagrace loved so very much :-).

 I am sorry that the quality is not the best.  I promise to make OOTD blogs to correspond with my youtube channel from now on.  After all I love sharing with you the things that I love almost as much as I love seeing what others love!  I think that is why Instagram is my favorite social media app right now!  What is yours?

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  1. Love the new look. Cute figure. Holland says you need to loose 50%of your body wt to be on #EWL. That counts you out! I'm hoping she finds a Show you Could be on that can help you all get back on your feet and Comfortable. She knows your story & it's a great one because of your attitude & being such a fun 1/2 glass full mom & dad. Have I ever Thanked you & hubs for serving in the Military & protecting my children, granddaughters & hubby & family & the United States? And World! I do Thank You from the bottom of my heart💜 Happy Valentines Day. *All things are possible for those that love The Lord. I thank HIM for all my Trials and Tribulations. Christ love , Myrna m


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