Monday, January 19, 2015

Vlog Uploading Issues, House Update, and the Flu

So, we have it, again.  The Flu.  So much for my former school of thought that the Flu virus was a one and done per season friend.  This is now our second round of flu, my fourth round of Strept Throat since Thanksgiving, and we also have URI's in the house.  It is like a red carpet event for all of the infamous fall and winter microbes.  However, I will say that we have been extremely grateful that Avagrace has not had a single sickness throughout all of this!  And this house, although larger than our own house, does not leave space for separating or quarantines.  

However, we are on the mend and the kids should be back to their normal routines for school etc by Tuesday.  There are some other new things that I want to share.  I attempted to post several Vlogs to you tube this past week and for some reason I am not able to upload to my account right now and it has nothing to do with YouTube but rather my computer/software.  At least, that is what it seems like.  

So for my readers, you will get the dirt first lol.  Aidan and I have been discussing at length the possibility of bringing him "back home" for school.  Middle school in the school district that he is in has a required half year remedial reading and writing course, on top of his reading and math courses even though he is reading several grade levels above his actual grade.  The school board decided to make this a mandatory class for all students and to do away with science labs, art classes, and a few other electives.  So while we absolutely love his GEM of a band teacher, who is encouraging our apparently very musically inclined son to learn two instruments in his very first year of band!!!  We may just have to work with her through tutoring and summer classes, but thank God she offers to teach students after school hours/weekends, and school breaks.  She really is an awesome teacher.  

So in researching some alternative homeschooling options to my favorite traditional method, I have found some really promising leads.  (I am looking for the tuition free options because replacing our fabulous library of books and homeschooling materials is not feasible at this time and probably won't be for at least a year!!)  There is one online charter school that I have sent some inquiries to because it looks like it would be as challenging or as adapting (for say a new option for Avagrace) as it needed to be for each individual student.  I have also learned that we have a homeschool band in the area that has a set monthly fee for the student but offers for parents to learn right along side of their students for free.  The geek in me is so excited that I am giddy just typing.  I want to be able to play the cello beautifully before I die.  I of course know that the cello is not a band instrument, but if I want to learn I first must learn how to read music because I, my friends, am tone deaf.  I also have retained zero musical ability or knowledge from the attempts at music in my elementary school years.  

So while all of this is marinating we also have met with our builder to discuss the next few steps in our home.  He seems to think that we will be right on track for moving in on March 25, which will be exactly one year post fire.  I am doubtful.  While I am very excited to move in and get back into our home, I am also fighting my natural inclination to stress out and worry about what we do not have or what we need.  I know I have mentioned it before, but we will be moving in with just our beds, our clothes, a start to our kitchen (meaning dishes, small tools, and small appliances), a washer and dryer, and whatever medical equipment that we have been able to replace.  Oh and dare I forget the plethora of toys (I literally have a goal of not adding a single toy to our household for the entire year of 2015). Don't get me wrong it isn't like we have a ton.  I think we have just enough.  I would rather my children and family focus on learning and using the time that we have to better our selves more than using said time seeking entertainment.  We will still have family movie nights here and there.  We will still play board games and outdoor activities every chance that we get considering our strict weather rules.  We will still do the vlogs.  But I want our purpose to be in helping others, learning everything that this life has to offer, and in cultivating our God given gifts.

So, in recap.  We are feeling better, hoping to move back to our house in 2 months, and trying really hard to focus our hearts and minds on God and what He wants us to learn!  

"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13

"You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13

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