Friday, October 17, 2014

Avacakes "Life List"

What is a "life list"?  Well it is a bucket list for a mom who can't stand the title of bucket list anymore.  You see over the years we have always made a bucket list for each holiday or season and we would do this together taking turns in a circle to make sure that everyone was heard.  I would put initials by each addition so that we could try to do as many special things as possible.  They would be as simple as baking cookies or as complex as camping (something we have yet to get all the supplies for to do and yet each summer that wish comes up!  I am glad that our children have faith in us that someday we will accomplish that experience!!!  

So when Avagrace's nurses and doctors started talking about "last chapter" and "nothing more that we could do from here" she, by her own initiative got her magna doodle and started writing and drawing pictures of things she wants to do.  One of the items is particularly big and will be sent through to make a wish. Then there are some she has accomplished!!  Meet Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook and watch the NBA Thunder play.  These were all HUGE in my mind.  And yet on one occasion Kevin Durant walked right up behind us and stopped to say hello and take a picture!  

Then we had the awesome miracle of having the NBA Thunder come to our new post-house fire school dostrict AND being referred for the court side ANDICAP SEATS!  You see with all tog the flashing lights at a traditional thunder game a pre-season scrimmage was really our only option and prayer was the only thing that got us to this game and to meet KD!  Then, when the game was done something even more miraculous happened, Russell Westbrook came over and said "hi Avagrace how are you doing?, then he said "hey Big Bro" and gave Aidan (who was sitting two rows higher and to the right) a bracelet and a hand shake!   So what is next and what seems impossible at this point?  

Her biggest wish aside from her top secret Make A Wish "wish", is that Avagrace wants to go to Disneyland California for Epilepsy Awareness Day with the #Shaytards.  She wants to meet the kids and hang out with princesstard, She also wants to meet the mom of Chelsea Hutchinson, and other people that we have only known and loved on the inter web in regards to epilepsy!  But she wants to be able to go with the Shaytards whom have nothing to do with Epilepsy Awareness and everything to do with her favorite VLOGGING family aside from ours.  She wants to be able to go to the park with them, blog to raise awareness, go to the beach with them afterwards where they have filmed soany times before.  She wants to meet their whole family and go to their favorite Italian restaurant that sings.  Our family loves this family and we would all enjoy some time in fellowship with them!  A true Shaytards style tour to raise awareness!  But it doesn't stop there...Avagrace is full of wishes and sh wants to meet aunt Carlee and Aunt Kaylee, she wants to vlog to raise awareness.  

Miss Avacake also wants to meet another family that we love.  We have met them before, many years ago but over the years and seizures she has forgotten , so she wants to meet them again and actually live a day in the life of ....   We are going to focus on what we can do and also one big dream at a time and right now, this time sensitive dream is our focus :-)

I never thought the Thunder dreams would be marked off her list!  And yet they came in a three part fashion!  God surely knows how to love and encourage us and our kids in ways we never thought possible!!!

She has simple goals too, like go to the zoo and get to see everything in one day without seizures sending her home, putting a puzzle together with Grammy, eating cheesecake with Aunt Steffie, having her cousins over to our house when it is all done being fixed, among others.  

Do you want to know  some other things on her Life List?  Well stay tuned to find out!!

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