Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Bedtime Story to My Chillies/Children/Swanlings :-)


Once upon a time there were five young swans.  They lived together with their parents in a land far from the rest of their family.  This was sad for them because they had a lot of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grand parents that loved them so very much.  These little cygnets, that is the official name of young swans, even had a great-great grandmother.  You see, swans live together in forever families that never separate or move away.  Yet, this family was special.  Their father flew in the royal swan force and that is why they moved so very far away, and this made their father and the entire family very proud to serve the others of their land.

During their time in Okla-nest-a the five little swans grew in stature, wisdom, and grace as they were given many trials that most swans did not experience even once throughout their entire life, and yet these five small swans were living through tremendous trial after tremendous trial.  They also always new that there was another trial waiting just beyond the rivers bend.

To give you an idea these sweet birds went through a nest fire where they lost everything even their first feather print.  They also were in a flying accident.  You see these Geese were not paying attention and crashed right into their behinds!  Then two out of three of their grandmothers died.  And if that wasn't enough there were many more struggles that they had to navigate through in just a few short months.

However, the greatest of these storms was watching their oldest sister and second to oldest sibling struggle through a condition that made her body do things that she did not have any control over.  Sometimes she would just stop and stare, sometimes she would shake, and other times she would just be too tired to leave the nest for lessons or play.  Mama swan stayed with her during the others lessons so that she could learn as much as possible, but everyone hoped that a miracle would happen so that biggest sister would be able to do what everyone else can do without having to work so hard to accomplish it.

If you asked biggest sister what the biggest challenge would she would say that there was not enough time in the day to give everyone enough love.  You see, she did not see her challenge as troublesome or sad.  She saw it as a reason to work harder, dream bigger, and show love to everyone that she met.

One day biggest sister had to have a surgery.  Mama took her to the hospital to meet the avian veterinarian.  It was there that they made a plan to try to fix some of biggest sisters challenges.  When biggest sister came home from the hospital she seemed to be the same brave girl, but there were nurses with her.  They talked to the family and made a plan to include nurses in the care of biggest sister.  They also shared somethings that were scary to big brother and the littles.  They said that biggest sister might fly to heaven before the next Christmas.  Everyone was silent for a few minutes.  Then middle cygnet and second girl of the family said, "Christmas is because of Jesus and only Jesus can say when someone fly's to heaven."  A big sigh of relief filled the room as all took in the power of what such a young swan said.  "You are absolutely correct" said mama.

One would think that this would be enough of a challenge to handle.  But those cygnets were tried, tested, stretched, and bent.  And through it all they knew that it was not by accident that so many "accidents" and catastrophe's were happening.  Nope, they were happening so that the Seven Swans could grow in faith and stick even closer together than ever before!  The 7 swans would always be known as 7.  Uniquely individual and yet together as one.  No matter what life threw at them and no matter who went to heaven first... because they would all meet there someday, and God put them together for a mighty reason.  Even if the reasons were yet unknown to them, There is no accident in life.  Only divine lessons meant to fulfill our creators purpose in us.


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