Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Might Think...

One might think that a child on Hospice is enough to deal with, one might think that a house fire is more than enough for that same family to deal with, but it doesn't stop there.  Yes, we lost our birds in the fire, and yes we saved our dogs only to loose our beloved Felicity to breast cancer a few weeks later.  Then after living in a wonderful hotel for a little over two months we moved into our rental house.  The following day Brendan was driving me to the airport so that I could fly home to be with my family for a few days and restock some of the items we lost.  (After all we are a military family half a country away from everyone).  But that trip was not meant to be that day because in the middle of rush hour traffic we were brought to a rather sudden stop safely with a car and a half length in front of us only to be hit from behind by a 19 year old who was on her cell phone and not paying attention to the road.  It was a terrible learning experience for her and a traumatic event that still causes our kids to cry in the car, have nightmares, fear sleep, and have headaches and other aches and pains that they did not have prior to their concussions, whiplash, bruises, contusions, and scrapes.

However, our entire back window was smashed into hundreds if not thousands of pieces and our two littlest girls were covered with glass and yet they did not have any scratches from the glass.  Also, the back of the van was bent in so far that it was less than one of my hand lengths from the back of their necks, and they are still alive!

Gods mercies are new each day!!

And yet we are now faced with yet another crisis.  Not only did we go through that very traumatic experience but we have also lost our completely paid off van that fit everyone in our family perfectly and safely and although it was not a wheelchair van, Avagrace's wheelchair fit when it was folded up in the trunk of the van.

So what is this insurance offering?  Some ridiculously low value.  Even when looking on Carmax at vehicles that had the same mileage and status of our car meaning "good/average/new etc" the cars are priced at least 3-5k above what the insurance is offering us.

It is evident with the many misdiagnosis and botched medical events that we are not a family that believes in suing, however, the need for a lawyer to at lest speak legalize and be in our corner as we navigate this very traumatic accident.

It was my hope that my children would never experience an accident in their life.  And this was not just a simple fender bender.  I praise God for his mercies and his love that surrounded us then and surrounds us now and I pray that his provisions will come through because debt is not something that we believe in either.  I know that sometimes (especially with medical bills there is no choice) and to have a working and safe vehicle to transport our family also is something we cannot live without, but please pray along with us that God will show up in a big way and we can manage this in a way that is pleasing and honoring to him!

Thank you for your love and prayers, my torn AC muscle (in my shoulder), Violets concussion headaches, and the swelling in Aidan's neck are the three most pressing accident related prayer requests.  (And that insurance will get their act together and replace Avagrace's special needs carseat. :-)

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