Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why we were away.

My birthday is March 25th.  This year, my birthday brought a change that we never expected.  We had a house fire that took everything.  Baby pictures and blankets, photos from WW1 and 2.  Toys from my childhood, and my beloved library that I have been so proud of for my children.  I loved our books, and how they had messages written in the covers from whom they came from and when and to whom they were intended for.  My wedding dress, our wedding rings.  While we were able to save some things like costume jewelry, Big Baby for Violet (she has been Violets favorite toy since she was not quite two).  We were able to find a few sweet pieces of furniture, like the doll bed my grandfather made for me when I was in elementary school, and the rocking chair that has been in our family for longer than I know.  But everything else, all of our clothes, all of our memories, even doors and walls are gone.  The shell of our home is in great hands though.  We have fabulous contractors and we know that it will be perfect when it is fixed.

Since March 25th we have been living in a hotel.  In the fire we lost our birds and just after Easter we lost our dachshunds who were taken care of so lovingly by one of our best friends.  Unfortunately Felicity had cancer and because the hotel had a limit of one dog, before we learned the fait of felicity we had given Louie to a new home.  However, we firmly believe that God has everything in control and that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason.  And to be quite honest we find more peace in this fact than the security we felt in our stuff.

We were ever so grateful for our neighbors that came out to hug us, give us water, snacks, chairs to sit in.  Our friends that protected our children from the scene of the fire.  And again, our neighbors who tried to protect our remaining belongings  from the looters that thought they could come into our home and take whatever they wanted inside or outside.

We have learned a most valuable lesson that I would like to share with every single person whom has medical equipment in their home.  PLEASE increase your personal property insurance to cover the cost of the equipment that you own or rent and multiply that total by 2.  We did not do that and so all of Gracies's thousands and thousands of dollars of equipment from her helmets to her sleep safe bed, all need to be replaced out of our personal property insurance, not medical or any other insurance.  So, that being said, we have had many many people praying, sending gift cards, and doing whatever they can to help us feel the support and love from home as we live so many states away.  We have also had love and support from some of our friends here as well.  We have so many things to be grateful for.

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