Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Guess what?  We have a chance to win a custom wheel chair van through a contest sponsored by NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association).  The thing is that if you submit your story and it is approved you move to round two where you can get a custom URL to forward to people so that they can vote for you.  If the voters answer the trivia question each day then they get a second vote!  If you share the link people can see our story and vote for us and at the end the persons with the most votes are evaluated to see who wins one of three or so custom wheelchair vans.  Avagrace would be in her most safe position in a wheelchair inside of the van.  I am so very excited at the possibility of this.  This would be a LIFE CHANGER for us!  I cannot believe how much this would help our family!  So, if you have it in your heart, to set a reminder to vote daily, and to share with everyone you know, we can win this thing together!!!  Thank you all so much for loving my family!  I am so blessed and thankful for your help!!  Here is the link!!  Be sure to answer the question (todays answer is named above NMEDA), and vote every single day until May 9th!!!


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