Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Installment of "I Was Going to Share This, BUT…"

So tonight I finally have internet.  Man, I hope I didn't just jinx it ;-)  I was going to finish the blog about what the heck we have been doing all this week and why a "quick trip" never is a "quick trip" aka why "outpatient" is NEVER "outpatient."  BUT, I have something way more important to share.

Over the course of this week I have experienced the first time to watch your child be intubated while not under anesthesia for surgery.  And do I think it is scarier than watching their heart stop in front of you?  I continue to believe that it is all relative.  Both are pretty damn scary!  But, something that I watched and reveled in is this week is the power that we have as parents to teach and develop our children without even trying to.  I know that as little ones our children are always watching and listening to us, but for some reason I was never smacked in the face with a moment of distinct mimicry with my older kids as I was with my toddlers.

This week there was a commercial that was funny because it had a pun in it.  I love puns.  They are so punny.  ;-)  It was obviously not something that Avagrace would understand.  But still the second or third time the commercial came on TV she cracked up as if on cue.  One time she laughed and I didn't and she looked at me confused and said "why didn't you laugh." Is it not funny anymore.  I told her that I just wasn't paying attention.  But how important this moment was.

Our girl learns and succeeds and overcomes and adapts because she enjoys following in the footsteps of the persons that are so important to her.  She has always been one to watch and learn.  She has always wanted to be able to do what she sees others doing even if she does it differently.  Her skills in adaptation are absolutely why she is so amazing at being able to move forward when her precious body is fighting her progress.  And MOST importantly, we as parents and role models and support systems should watch how we look at things, what we laugh at, how we talk when things are not going our way, how we handle stress disappointment, sadness, but also joy and excitement.

Many of you are probably thinking duh!  But it never really stops does it?  I am always looking to my elders for encouragement and examples.  I have long been praying for a Titus 2 to come in to my life.  I have even gotten to the point of praying over it and reaching out to specific people.  But God's timing is always perfect and having this reminder, that I am shaping the lives of my children.  Wether they are chronologically and developmentally the same age or not.  Wether they are young or grown.  You are always going to seek human relationships and good company.

As a parent, I pray that I will always be that good company for my children and that the things that I dislike so much about myself, I pray that God can help me to overcome those pits so that my children will not fall into those pits as well!

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