Friday, November 1, 2013

HopeLink Halloween, Just Where We Were Supposed To Be

Does it ever just blow you away to know that God can speak to you through anything?  In my journey with God I have been on the straight and narrow and the dark and winding.  I have gone through periods of obedience and testing, rebellion and regret, and blessings and silence.  Yet, even in the silence....when I do not feel or hear His voice...I know that He is here through the hands and hearts of others.

Several years ago I went through a season where I felt that I was not supposed to participate in Halloween.  I do not know if it was a time when God was asking me to give something up or if I felt morally opposed to it because of the teachings and opinions that I was surrounding myself with.  What I do know is that it was an issue that I struggled with for a few years.
Fluttershy, Sherlock Holmes, Pinkie Pie, Spike (also from My Little Ponies), and Rarity

Eventually, it was through the eyes of my children, the heart of my oldest son, and a whole lot of prayer and self-study, that I found the Love of Christ can reach you, teach you, and use you, anywhere.  By participating in trick or treat I do not feel that it is wrong for my family.  (That is not to say that if you do think it is wrong for you and your family, that I am judging you or think that you are wrong.  I feel that God teaches according to our individuality.  Maybe He is not done with me on this issue.  And yet, many of my friends and family would not participate in the festivities of this annual event.  But last night, I was loved on and reminded in such awesome ways, that God is always with us.

Three years ago I started going to a support group meeting every month for moms of children who have rare, undiagnosed, or chronic medical conditions.  This support group has been my foundation of sanity through the love of people while we are living in Oklahoma.  It is called Hope Link and it is where I have met some of the greatest friends and moms that I will ever know.  And it just so happens that every year one of the founders of this amazing blessing, hosts a Halloween dinner party and trick or treating "parade."

I say parade because it is awesome to be able to walk around a neighborhood with other moms (who happen to be some of your very best friends in the whole world) whom have children in wheel chairs, on Oxygen, in helmets, using walkers, or drawing attention in some form that is not related to their costume.  We are a group that have laughed together, cried together, welcomed babies, and celebrated lives that are no longer on this earth.

And last night, when I had my first trick-or-treat experience where Gracie was in her chair the entire time.  When I was learning how to navigate this thing without injuring someone else.  When I was in fear of turning a corner that might lead me to another house with a strobe light that we would cause us to quickly re-calculate our route.  I had the hugs, smiles, and encouragement from moms who get it.  When Gracie had her seizures the drama that can sometimes descend upon us in public wasn't even a possibility because most of the moms in the group deal with seizures on a regular basis too.

And when I had to take Avagrace to the bathroom I saw this sign on my friends sink:  "He does not fear bad news, nor live in dread of what may happen.  For he is settled in his mind that JEHOVAH will take care of him."  Psalm 112.7

And I knew that I was right where God wanted me to be.  And you know what?  My kids knew it too. Not one, but two of them said "This is the BEST Halloween that I have ever had."  The other three said something very similar.

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