Friday, October 11, 2013

Yay For The Weekend!

The past two days have been our kids "fall break."  It has been a lot of fun having them home.  Days like this are often filled with stories, crafts, games, and all sorts of other fun.  Unfortunately, Bren is not on the same schedule as the school kids and thus had to work, but today is Friday!  YAY!!

I am especially looking forward to this weekend because the weather here has finally cooled off and I have a renewed sense of energy and purpose as a mom and household maintainer.  We are organizing and moving furniture and STILL unpacking!  Yes, over a year later!  YIKES!

We are also busy getting the fall/winter clothes out and shelved.  I don't know about you guys but this always takes an incredibly long time in this house.  Switching over five children's wardrobes.  Figuring out who fits into which size, who needs new clothes, and what we need to pass on to others.....well, it is a big undertaking!

Laundry has never been my strong point as a mom to five children!  And the change of seasons only makes that problem dramatically worse!  But in this trial I am reminded that sometimes it is good to have that cleansing dose of humble pie.

It is never easy for me to share my very imperfect and therefore perfectly messy craziness.  I much prefer to angle the camera just so, therefore the mess is just outside of the shot.

But sometimes the most cleansing and life-changing times in our life come from God shining His Light on all that we do NOT want to share.

One of my dear sweet friends sent me a text message one day asking how I was doing.  I told her something along the lines of being knee deep in laundry in a house that looked like it should be featured on "Clean Sweep" or "Hoarders."  Her reply was priceless!

She sent a picture of her laundry pile and a smiley face saying "Hugs to you friend, I am right here with you."  This seemingly silly or unimportant text message changed my life.  It made me feel that connection, that "I am part of a team" feeling that I always had when playing team sports in High School.  I went from being this solitary mom in the sea of monotony, to being one in a team of moms.  It made my role as a mom less lonely and it reminded me of my purpose.  Not to mention it gave my friend and I a really great bonding moment.  Several times after that day we would send each other pictures of our messes with smiles and hugs.  (I might have to send her another picture in a few minutes, it is long over due!)

My purpose as a mom and my goal in life right now are deeply rooted together.  I want to raise the next generation of families.  I want to raise daughters who want to be educated, world changers, who LOVE to be MOM's.  I want to raise sons who want to be educated, world changers, who LOVE to be DAD's.

And here is the finale.....I also want to raise people who do not feel empowered/safe/loved/important by their STUFF!  I DO NOT want to raise materialistic consumer driven people.  I want my children to be fueled by God and ignited by the people and experiences of this world.


But how am I to do that when I have emotional attachments to THINGS that I have had since I was their age?  How am I to do that when I am so excited by the library I have created for my children?  How am I to do that when I LOVE to bless my children with the things that they want in this world?

God is showing me that in His Light, the dust bunnies are breeding and the things that look so appealing are really not as glorious as they once appeared.  Through His eyes, I am taking on my home and learning to live a more simplified life.

The past few years have taught me that to make it simple, you have to put in a whole lot of hard work first!  This change doesn't come over night, but the more I purpose to change, the more He is able to teach me.

So here is to the purging of stuff this weekend!  There is nothing like a good fall cleaning!  :-)  

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