Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Coming!

And I am in the final stages of preparation so that I can return from my sabbatical and it is like the excitement that builds during Advent.  I am so blessed by our Father who continues to shed His Grace on me!  I have had moments of pure joy as my brain is becoming more open and more attuned to writers mode again, and boy do I have such fun to share!  I probably have 50 blogs dancing in my head just waiting to be the highlight on these pages very soon.  AND the biggest thrill for me is all of the wonderful pictures that I will be able to share!!!  This season of sabbatical has not been an easy one, in fact this has been one of the most challenging years of my existence!  No wonder He asked me to step away from this sweet place for a while.  I have never been one to hold back when sharing things that happen in my life.  I can keep a confidence for a friend with no problem, but keeping my own details inside, well I am pretty sure that it would be impossible :-)  If I had been here full time this little blog might not be so lovely anymore and I certainly wouldn't have done it justice because I have never been busier.  So despite the clock telling me that it is after 2 am, I wanted to stop in for a moment and say hello!  How are you?  and to say that we will meet again very very soon!!!  Has the Lord ever asked you to give up something that you truly loved, for a time, a season, or completely?

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