Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not sure what to do!

So I know this sounds so crazy, but I do not know which blog to write on. I want to be done with the blog shopping. I want to keep my archives. I want to move mountains for epilepsy awareness. I want to write, and write, and write. I want to create, and feature products for mama artists. I want to share tips, crafts, and wisdom! I want to continue down my bloggy road! I love the ease of blogger. I love the fact that it works well with google and keeps all of my administrator stats all in one spot. However, I am so flaming angry that my URL was given to someone else. I am also even more frustrated that I cannot repurchase my URL for a custom domain. Lastly, I like the blog.com site however, it is not blogger. It is expensive, and does not have the same support that blogger does, but it has a great URL. Easy to remember, very close to my old one, and true to my copyrighted Seven Swans A Swimming title! So what do I do?