Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Daddy, I want to date mommy"

The day I got back from the three weeks that Avagrace/Avacake/Gracie :) and I spent together in the hospital I had four body guards following us around constantly. No joke, when I went to the "potty" in the bathroom in our master bedroom I had kiddos waiting for me on my bed and talking through the door! It was then that I decided that I would take each kid on my upcoming errands (grocery shopping or whatever!) one at a time, when Bren got home from work each night. It would be our "date." I would budget to get the kiddos a special drink (soda/milk/tea/juice because at home it is water all the time) and we would talk and 'catch up'. It was rather brilliant, but so DUH at the same time. I had gotten so use to going alone since I always had so many babies, potty trainers, etc. I never wanted to have my errands take 2 hours for a 30 minute trip due to a thousand potty trips. Now that they are a little bit older and I only have one in diapers who is potty training, I have grown to LOVE these little moments!

Today was Liam's first trip. He is very much a daddy's boy and loves to follow him around the house. So he never really showed an interest in going before. Not to mention my above weakness in patience with potty training. So, this morning I told Liam if he was really good and made a happy bowl at lunch (we had salad and he hates to have to chew so much) that he could go on a date with me. Daddy was helping him eat and he said "I make happy plate daddy so I can go, I want to Date Mommy" we all laughed and were cheering him on. So he continued to remind everyone for the rest of the meal, after every bite, that he was dating mommy today!

It was just grocery shopping but it was a grand event. He got a special drink, and even asked to use the potty. As you can probably imagine this would normally frustrate me but since he has NEVER asked to use the potty before, I was all over it with excitement. We turned the chart into a race car and Liam did sound effects and all to get to the potty on time.

It was a false alarm, actually three of them, but hey it was worth it!!

I highly encourage all to date your children if at all and when at all possible!!!

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