Monday, June 6, 2011


One evening in the heat for a little girl, six years old, experiencing a summer time family outing and she experiences 18 seizures dusk till mid morning the following morning.  I am sure that Avagrace would have rather dressed up and been in a loved ones wedding, shoot she would have been in a strangers wedding to avoid even one seizure!

Joy Behar, you owe the Epilepsy community an apology.  ABC you owe the epilepsy community some awareness commercials and an episode on THE VIEW the be nothing but epilepsy awareness.  Highlight what Epilepsy is, what it isn't, what can be done, and how serious it is.  Joy Behar needs to know the facts. I am sure just one of her paychecks would do a world of good for research, awareness and working towards eliminating the stigma associated with Epilepsy.

A facebook page is available for you to share your stories of epilepsy or to give Ms. Behar some facts about Epilepsy.  it is called HELP TO EDUCATE JOY BEHAR Or

A sixteen year old in Germany created a facebook invite to her sweet 16.  She forgot to make it private and 15,000 people responded that they were coming!  IF that A SWEET 16 can go viral, how much more can we do about EPILEPSY and JOY BEHAR????

Epilepsy claims the same number of lives each year as does Breast Cancer.  You don't think she would have said "I would rather fake breast cancer"  Or "Rather fact Autism" Or "Rather fake AIDS"  etc etc....NO she wouldn't, and why?  Awareness has been raised for those causes.  Yet more people are affected by Epilepsy than all of the conditions/illnesses I just mentioned.

To Joy Behar:  Will you respond to this page?  Will you comment on THE VIEW about what you have said?  WILL YOU ACCEPT the fact that you have A LOT of learning to do?  WILL YOU HELP US to raise awareness by turning your error into good?  ABC  will you join the epilepsy community in helping change the future of millions?    Reader will you "like" the facebook page or comment here and share the link so that this horrendous comment will be transformed into a blessing for millions of people young and old?

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