Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to....Me :)

So today is my birthday and I want to start by saying that I really did have a fabulous day. Truly, from the bottom of my being, I loved it!

Now, you know how I have said that I am a perfect example of Murphy's Law. Well I am sure that some of you just read that and are like "yeah right, that is a great attention getter for a blog topic but how 'unlucky' (or whatever you choose to call it) can one person be). Well my husband and I often marvel at how many things can possibly go wrong when we think nothing could go wrong.

So last Wednesday was the first day in three weeks that I had not had the stomach bug or whatever I had. Then Thursday morning I wake up after sleeping 20 hours and cannot stay awake even to cook. I actually dozed off while sauteeing only to burn myself. Fast forward to Monday and my normally nocturnal insomniac self is sleeping 20 plus hours per day and exhausted. So I go to the Emergency room and spend 12 hours there only to be told that the doc there thinks that the diagnosis from three years ago is probably accurate and I do have MS like they originally thought and that I have just been started in what they call a flair up again. However, he still thinks that yes, I do also have something called Mastocytosis and that the lump on my arm that has been there since I was between 14-16 is either a Mastocyst or a Mast Cell Tumor (not sure what he called it but it was one of the two that I just said) and that I should have it biopsied immediately, oh but he can't do it. So, I leave the ER with my mind whirling and still very tired. With of course no answers and a ton of speculation which I always seem to get and thankfully by now nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to what doctors 'think'. However, I come home to the best husband in the world and the greatest kids ever and do whatever I can whenever I can and due to the fact that I have an awesome group of family and friends who pray for me and lift my family up regularly I waited for God to meet me where I was. Yesterday I stayed awake for 12 hours straight and even get to cook, play, clean etc without injuring myself so I think "awesome I am going to get to celebrate my b-day after all."

This morning was my doctors appt at 8am. The Myriad Botanical Gardens were free for the day because guess what....we share our birthday! So the plan was to get the kids up way early, take me to my appt and then head to the gardens for a quick run through and picnic brunch before dropping Bren off to work at noon after which we can go home, crash, and prepare for Aidan's first soccer game. Good plan right?

WRONG, Murphy had to mess it up because as soon as I get to my doc they review the ER notes and deem a biopsy to be immediately necessary and a spinal. WAIT a second....I am not doing a spinal today. Not unprepared. I dont even get spinal's when I have the fear of delivery a ten pound baby! So I agreed to the biopsy, after all the bump was probably the size of a penny, maybe a nickel.

Ok so maybe it wasn't Murphy but me, STUPID!!! That Biopsy was stinkin huge and now I have like 12 stitches in my dominant arm on my birthday. However, God is always in control even when Murphy thinks he is because I had the best nurse, the best tech and the doctor I trust. So it was actually quite amusing as creepy as that sounds. Then I got to go home to see my hubby for a few minutes before he headed to work and he hands me a wad of cash (that was fun to say and yes I said it that way for effect, did you like it?) so that I can get Aidan's soccer gear and lunch AND dinner out so I don't have to cook!

For those of you that know my husband know that this is a huge deal because he doesn't ever just release money with such ease (thankfully). AND he says that he still has birthday plans for me on Saturday! Wow!

So I drop my King, my Knight in Shining Armor (ok my night in freshly washed ABU's) off at work and head to Target to get Aido his soccer gear and ALL FIVE of my kids behave! We then make a stop at Chik-fil-a and head to that other super store that I strongly dislike for an ice-cream cake YUMMY! and then come home for a nap before soccer during which everyone, even me, got to sleep. We get to soccer and Aidan is finally "on the cool team, I mean (they) are even called the Rockers and (their) colors are Neon Green, White, and Black!" and then we head home to eat Chinese food while watching a movie!

So Murphy ruined my plans but God's were so much better!

Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, and messages!

And to top it all off as I finish this up my husband makes it home before 1 AM!!! Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For my husband :)

So Brendan and I just love to tease each other. He will always have the fact that I am two years older to tease me with forever, and so i am teasing him tonight :) Just for you tender hearts I have his permission and encouragement to blog about this, so here goes!
I wish I had editing software that would allow me to circle them for better view, but they are right in the middle, two of them, straight and next to each other.
HAHAHAHAHA he has white hair! Two in fact. (and don't worry I know of all of my age spots and imperfections too, however Bren says he will never grow old and such that he is dubbed Peter Pan by me and some of my bestest girls, so I have to pick! I told him, he didn't believe me, so I offered to pluck them and he of course said no, so I made him pause for a photo shoot "to perfect my close up" (which still needs a lot more work) so for tonight, enjoy the pictures of my darling 26 year old husbands first white hairs, to which he states that his father did not get any gray hair until he was fifty. At which point he explained that at the age of fifty he will be able to say "I am a retired US Air Force General and all my white hair is from my wife and kids" and so I replied "are you sure it isn't from your video games killing all of those brain cells?"

Yup the friendly banter in our home. It truly is friendly and totally loving and we truly do love to tease each other. It was in our marrige vows "to love, honor, cherish, and tease from this day forward!"