Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Appologies

Ok so I promised you that I would put up recent pics of the puppies. I promise you I am trying. My camera battery died and the charger is MIA. I am continuing the search and if I cannot find it by tomorrow I will borrow a friends camera! Until then, Happy Weekending!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three and a half weeks old!

(Felicity and Maxwell's Comet)
Three weeks ago Saturday our family set out on a house viewing adventure with our final destination being our friends Cabin for the weekend. We were very excited to get away and spend time with our friends. We spent the weekend at their new home for Thanksgiving this year and just fell in love with the fact that they have enough space in their home for us to come and stay for a few days! We packed the van full and headed to the first of three houses on the morning's schedule.

Felicity and Winston were riding in the back of the van with Aidan and Violet and Felicity was a day or so past her due date but was showing no signs of labor yet. The first house visit went well and as we set out for the second one Felicity was getting restless. She was whining here and there and the kids were curious as to why she was being noisy. "well guys, she is going to have her puppies soon and is very uncomfortable being such a small dog with such a large belly full of babies."
A few minutes later Aidan says in a very mater of a fact way "I think she is having her puppies now." Brendan in a slightly annoyed, because Aidan is so dramatic, tone says "how do you know Aidan?"
"Because I see it."

Thinking about what followed this very innocent sentence still puts me into hysterics. Brendan freaks out (because he is NOT a dog person, the dogs are all mine) turns around and says "what do you mean you see it, Virginia pull over, Aidan what do you mean you see it, Virginia stop the car, Aidan, Stop the car" HAHAHAHA Seriously I am laughing out loud, that man cracks me up sometimes. He is so calm and such a square and then something as natural as this shoots him to the moon!

So our little Dasher was born right there on Aidan's lap! I pulled over got Felicity and Dasher (all the puppies HAD to be named Christmas names per Aidan and Avagrace!) who "dashed right out and couldn't wait to get to Ashley's" and brought them up to the floor of the front passenger side and sat with them, ready to help if needed. Phyllis our lovely realtor came back, saw the puppy and decided for us that we would reschedule the other showings. So off we went, on the very windy roads to Ashley and Bryan's.

Felicity and Dasher were warm, Felicity was not enjoying the turns, and Aidan was not done being covered in doggie drama because a few moments on the really curvy road and Aidan is freaking out because Winston has now thrown up on him. "and it is on the other leg, not the one the puppy got born on" he said with such disgust.

Thankfully we were close to Ashley's when looking for houses so it did not take too long to get there. I scooped Dasher into my sweater and took him into Ashley's house. Walked Felicity in so she could stretch and relieve herself and Ashley and I headed straight to the "delivery room" where we abandoned our hubby's and all 8 kids so that we could play Canine Midwife.

Thankfully Ashley is a very smart and ingenuitive (why isn't this a real word?) friend because she thought to get yarn out to put around each puppies neck so that we could color code them to keep an accurate record of birth times, weights, and markings. Felicity started on puppy number 2 just after we got set up. It was rather amazing though, because despite how huge she got I swore that there could not have been more than four in there! Little did I know that she was carrying NINE puppies!

The following is the birth record :) of my first Grand Puppies (yes I just did say that, I know total dork and man I love it!)

Dasher (green collar) 11:50 am 6.4 ounce Male Dapple

Bell (white collar) 1:24 pm 4.6 ounce Female Dapple

Prancer (black collar) 1:33 pm 6.0 ounce Female Black +Tan possibly black and cream but I have to get her checked professionally (with White tap shoes and a Tuxedo stripe on her chest)

Ginger (Lt. Yellow collar) 1:46pm 4.1 ounce Female Chocolate +Cream

Rudolph (Lt. Blue collar) 1:59 pm 5.4 ounce Male Black + Cream Dapple

Comet (green+white collar) 2:26 pm 5.7 ounce Male Chocolate + Cream Dapple

Blitzen (black +green collar) 2.40 pm 7.1 ounce Male Black + Tan

Jack Frost (blue+green collar) 4:20 pm 6.0 ounce Black + Tan

(Nicky for St. Nick coming in the middle of the night) now named Bella by the future owner (white crochet) sometime in the middle of the night 6.3 ounce Female Black + Cream

So that is NINE puppies for her first litter! The best part is that these are the babies of one of my best friends dog too! Her dog Maxwell is the Sire and he is so cute and has an awesome temperament. He is probably half the length of Felicity and I just love him. He is black and tan. Felicity's papa is an English Cream dapple and her mom is a black and tan dapple. Felicity is a double dapple with no defects and blue eyes. She did have partial blindness at a young age but has grown out of it. The vet said it just took her a bit longer to gain eye strength (puppies are born blind and deaf).

Unfortunately shortly after we found the ninth puppy Felicity took the litter back down to eight. The vet said that it was probably because the puppy had some sort of 'mental retardation or defect from the lapse in time between births and the large number of puppies for her first litter.

Felicity is doing amazingly though. She did everything from sacs to umbilical cords to protecting her pups. It was quite hysterical actually. Ashley has wood floors and a Siamese cat. Her cat crept into the room that Felicity was in with the puppies and Felicity went crazy. She wasn't even done birthing yet but still had it in her to chase Moses out of the room in such a hurry that she went flying across the wood floors and slammed into the cabinets across the hall. She got up, turned around and ran in the opposite direction still chasing Moses. I have never seen Felicity do such a thing! She is so proud and protective of her pups.
She had a special attachment to the runt, Ginger. If I would hold Ginger Felicity would take her away from me and keep her with her. I could hold the other puppies as long as she could see me, but she wanted Ginger all to herself.

The puppies that we have available are Dasher, Bell, Prancer, Rudolph (he has blue eyes!) and Jack Frost. They are $300.00, very spoiled, and only available to good homes!

Felicity and Comet are training to be seizure dogs. They come from a line of heroic seizure dogs and great AKC breeding and are showing and carrying for some very rare Dachshund colors. Please contact us if you have any questions! Tomorrow I will show more up-to-date pics as they are growing fast and starting to walk, which is rather funny because they are so wobbly they look drunk!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am back, with AVATAR

In order to properly welcome the New Year I decided to take a short break from my blog, as I am sure you all have noticed. I will say that it has done me much good and I am back and ready to experience this fabulous new year with you!

Three weeks ago yesterday my darling Felicity gave birth to 9 gorgeous puppies and I can't wait to tell you all about it. However, this late in the night is not the proper time for such a fabulous retelling of said account. Instead I will share with you my glorious date night, one that just ended moments ago.

My sister in law is here to visit and it has been great fun. She has been here for a week now and has really gotten to see what our life is like. It is so nice for her to experience more than a few days with us so that she may know so much more about our day in and day out. Tonight she blessed us with a much needed and oh so appreciated date night. She watched the five kiddos and ten dogs so that we could go to a movie. Not only did she do the child-watch but she also made the house nicer than it was when we left AND made brownies with them! Not bad for her first time with all five kiddos alone.

During this time Bren and I were able to go to see the new movie AVATAR. I must admit that when I first saw the 'cover' photo I said "this is not a movie that I am going to want to see." I am not into the alien-space-type-movies and well I had it in my mind that it was going to be anti-me anti-Christian....I know way judgemental! I stand corrected and am admitting this in shame because it was in fact the first movie to stir my soul and ignite my passion in a very long time.

I love this movie so much that I want it to be playing in my mind at all times to remind me how much I love our God and how much I want to serve HIM. Of course, this is not a "Christian" movie. In fact there is no discussion of Christianity or any organized religion as we know it at all. In fact in on scene of the movie the scientist is explaining to the soldiers that the "God" that they are worshiping is not like some pagan practice but that they are honoring a true biological being more intricate than the human brain. I can't even begin to describe the impact that this film has had on me. I am not going to give the movie away, and I am certainly not going to give a review that you will read in a magazine. Instead I am going to give you my philosophical analysis, my take on the film.

To me it seemed that there was a battle between two species. The aliens and the natives so to speak. The aliens relied on their own brain power to destroy anything in their path so that they could single-handily create whatever tool or machine to help them accomplish their goal. The Natives relied on the life and energy that their 'Deity' lent them in order to make connections and relationships with all living beings...from the moss that they walked on, to the beast that they learned to ride. They had a profound respect for their connection with everything and observed constant reverence for the fact that nothing was theirs but everything was their 'Deity's'.

The graphics were beautiful, the imagery unimaginable, the beauty was more beautiful than words can describe. It was untouchable and yet so real. In the film the Natives would move about within their world and when connected with any other being there would be a sort of glow. So when they walked on the dark and sleeping moss the area around their footprint would glow for just a moment. In this same way Avatar has lit my soul.

I want to remember this visual to remind myself to stay ever connected and respectful of the fact that My Creator, Creator of all things, is in control of all things and that my purpose in this life is to make connections and share with others the beauty of all that is HIS until it is my time to return to Him. The most important thing out of all of this? That My Creator wants to be connected to ME and that I should remain in constant connection, prayer, and proximity to Him at all times.

From the bottom of my heart I urge you to go and see this movie!