Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Time!!!

I love pumpkin. I love the look of pumpkins. I love harvesting pumpkins. I love decorating cooking with, eating, and photographing pumpkins. I am pretty sure that I love all things associated with this fruit! I also love Fall and guess what? They go hand in hand!!! So today we had our first pumpkin dip of the season! The perfect bedtime treat. This time I served it with Wheat Thins and Pretzels instead of my typical homemade cinnamon chips and it was a huge hit!

Guess what else? My Lindsey drove 8 hours to rescue me from my current madness. I am not going to get into it here but prayers for our family are very appreciated as this is a bit of a chaotic time right now....but on the bright side I have only a little over a week and I will be driving back to PA/MD for a SIX WEEK VISIT, just me and the kiddos!!! I cannot wait, it has been four years since I have spent longer than a day or two with my family!!!!

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