Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And the count down begins

I am beginning a count down for two very exciting events. The first has been counting down in my mind for a very long time. It is my pilgrimage back home. A car ride across several states with my five kiddos so that we can stay with my family and friends for SIX WHOLE WEEKS!! I cannot wait to see friends that I have not seen for four years, and to show my kiddos things that they have never seen yet I use to take for granite. I cannot wait to walk and walk and walk all around the lovely towns of Pennsylvania, and to worship in my home HOME church!! Not to mention that on this very long car ride home, I get to make a pit stop in Tennessee to stay with one of my best friends forever (lol a BFF) and take my kids to her home town pumpkin patch! OH GLORIOUS FALL!!
Isn't he an amazing man! And oh my what a cute baby!!

The second count down is to our tax return because when we receive it we will finally be debt free minus school loans. That is right, no bank, credit card, or car payments!! And what can we do with that money? Well finally decorate our home, purchase the much needed clothing, and home school supplies, and dare I say create a savings account! Oh my, we will even be able to take a few weekend trips to the many places we have wanted to visit! The Lord tells us to owe no many anything and right now I am thanking God for a husband that is wise and followed that command. If it wasn't for my neglect of that command we would probably be debt free now, but how I have learned the hard way. I just can't wait to get to the day that we can purchase an item we need when we need it without having an anxiety attack!

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