Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too honest? Is there such a thing?

As I prepare to fill you in briefly on my three week hit-and-miss blog pursuits I am left with the sting of a wagging tongue and the question "can a person be too honest or share too much?" I truly think that the answer to that question lies within the one to whom the question is addressed.

For many people, privacy is who they are. They don't want a person in the world, other than those whom they consider close enough, to know any detail of thier lives. They don't want people to know if they have been ill or if they have had a funny thing happen to them. Some don't want to share if they have been to college or not and what job they have or desire.

Others feel it is fabulous to share what happens in their daily life. What funny things happen to them, what books they have been reading, where they went to school or vacation. Those persons love to tell a good story, especially when it is from what they know, their own life.

Then there are those that only share the good things about themselves and all things that they know about other people. This group is not the group I am talking about here.

What group do you find yourself in? For the second group, is there a truth to the comment of being too honest? Telling too much? Sharing too much of their life experiences or details as they pertain to only them (again not referring to sharing details about others)? I would love to get a good discussion going here. Thanks!

Now, over the past three weeks we have had four emergency room visits due to stomach flu, unruly thyroids, and more stomach flu. However, God is oh so very good and took care of us each and every day. He taught us some new things and still gave us some time to spend together in some very special moments! I appologize for the wishy washy writing and appreciate all of your prayers! I do count myself very blessed for each and every one of you and this blog!

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