Sunday, April 4, 2010

HE has Risen, Death has been Defeated!

Death has been defeated, the doors to eternity are open and He holds out His hands, Calling your name and loving you with His life, He has died so that we may live with Him forever! That is the ONE TRUE ETERNAL LOVE!!!!

Our traditional Easter Egg "brunch" pizza that I make every year. You wouldn't think that this would take too long to make but several hours later and way past brunch 'time' and we eat this for our Easter dinner! And I wouldn't have it any other way. After all traditions are a vitamin to keep our family strong!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Happy Kiddo's with their baskets although the funny thing is Liam managed to take Breya's basket and give her his for the picture so he could steal another chocolate egg, since his were already eaten!

Next week I will showcase more photos with our Easter happenings and update you as to why this blog has been so slow the past three weeks...then at weeks end we will welcome back Lauren H. Campbell Photography by special request and this time you get to ask the questions! Have one? Send it to me now!

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