Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Cook Is Divine

As I stood in front of a simmering pan tonight, making a delicious veggie and rice dish (if I do say so myself), I had a revelation of sorts. Not only is preparing a meal for your family a daily occurrence that can be somewhat tedious and dare I say mundane; but it is also a miraculous scientific event worth savoring and praying over. It is a time that not only tests our Patience, diligence, and attitudes but it is, at the best of times, therapeutic and divine!

Many nights I am at a loss for what to make. For someone who use to meal plan for an entire month and simply follow my schedule, the new dietary changes in my home (and I say new very tongue in cheek because we are coming up on a year) have left me wading in a pool of confusion. I have yet to find any semblance of cohesion or rhythm in favorites. I have simply trudged through the muck. And while I am still trudging and searching, tonight I had that first "aha" moment where God met me for my family meal making.

I was sauteing the spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes when a huge smile and peace came over me. "Hello my Father, it has been so long since I have spent time with you creating a meal." I remember man nights when I had derived such joy from cooking and creating new recipes and family favorites. Yet now that my food choices are limited by both choice and medical reasons I am baffled. I don't know what to cook or what to blend together to make those firework sparks like we use to have, the ones like a little mouse so poetically describes in one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. Now, tonight, I find solace in an old favorite but long to reach a new one.

I know that part of this feeling comes from the dull-drums of winter. The exhaustion of cabin fever and the excited anticipation of the upcoming fresh zucchini, strawberry, tomato and oh so many more wondrous fruits and veggies. The other part comes from You Lord reminding me of something so very important.

Each and every meal that I make I am creating what my child will be and are. You are what you eat? Yes, in a real sense of the expression, you are. Eating is not just for pleasure and comfort. Eating is for sustainability, health, vitality, and overall well being (including disease prevention). The blending of the foods that You have given me to eat is a chance to be creative, to experience creation, to play with science, and to have fun. It is also a chance to bless my family with good health and appreciation for all that God has given us.

Tonight I am thankful for all that God has given us and for all of you. Thank you for your interest in my musings and thank you for all that you share! Perhaps this week when we all get to the dinner dull drum and wonder "what am I going to fix" or "can't we just go out, I am tired and have no clue what to make" we will remember to pray and ask our Father what it is that He wants us to eat and possibly make?

Be Blessed!!

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