Thursday, March 4, 2010

Night off

Happy Birthday to my fabulous husband and hero! Today was an amazing day celebrating his birth! Thank you Lord for creating him! I can't imagine life without him, he is my heart and my most important person. He means more to me than any other earthly thing and only one love is higher and that is for our Creator.

And here you go Love, my final birthday present of the day....a poem (and I am not a poetess, I am putting myself out there, what can I say, I am in love!)

by Virginia A. Spencer

For Brendan (who truly is my hero!)

From the depths of my being
I know and believe
till the end I'll be with him,
no matter the ride.

Everyday I'm beside him,
even when miles deployed
cause' our hearts beat together
Him that Is---
true love did conjoin.

A decision for a lifetime,
no turning back and no end,
My husband, my lover, forever my friend!

Hey all, I am taking the night off to prepare for a more formal blog tomorrow and to rest a bit. I have had a fever for over a week partly because of my auto-immune stuff and partly because I do have a slight bug. I do well until dinner time and then I want to crash. And so tonight I am giving in! My kiddos are asleep and hopefully I will be joining them in dream world in a few moments. God Bless!

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