Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to You, my loving husband, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

My husband has turned 26, gasp, and now he is an old man on the downside of the 20's. It only picks up momentum from here, lol. But momentum is good right? It is what we gain from hard work and learning how to steer on imperfect roads. It is God's Grace to put the wind at our backs after pushing through it for a while and if I feel this way now, imagine how I will feel when I am 70 and pushing through then! I know this all sounds ridiculous to some of you, I was often called an old soul and wise beyond my years, whether I believe that is neither here nor there, but I definitely do appreciate the maturity and rites of passages that I gain and go through at each turn! This even is no different. In fact any chance to celebrate is an awesome event around here and with not having work commitments I found that I have already bounced back into at-home mom mode even though it has only been three days since my last day of work.

The kids were ecstatic to celebrate, the older ones remembering what we have done in the past and the younger ones being excited to get to know this "new" side of mommy. And yes, it is a new side and a reclaimed ignored side that is so happy to be present and accounted for. You see, a birthday is not complete without singing to the birthday person to rouse them from bed, then sharing cake and ice cream for breakfast followed by dessert which is eggs and pancakes. Then gifts throughout the day, surprises here and there, meals cooked in the birthday person's honor, and a general sense of one day of total connectedness, eliminating the outside crap and just loving on one of our own.

And now it is Daddy's turn, my love, our hero! Happy Birthday honey!

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