Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For my husband :)

So Brendan and I just love to tease each other. He will always have the fact that I am two years older to tease me with forever, and so i am teasing him tonight :) Just for you tender hearts I have his permission and encouragement to blog about this, so here goes!
I wish I had editing software that would allow me to circle them for better view, but they are right in the middle, two of them, straight and next to each other.
HAHAHAHAHA he has white hair! Two in fact. (and don't worry I know of all of my age spots and imperfections too, however Bren says he will never grow old and such that he is dubbed Peter Pan by me and some of my bestest girls, so I have to pick! I told him, he didn't believe me, so I offered to pluck them and he of course said no, so I made him pause for a photo shoot "to perfect my close up" (which still needs a lot more work) so for tonight, enjoy the pictures of my darling 26 year old husbands first white hairs, to which he states that his father did not get any gray hair until he was fifty. At which point he explained that at the age of fifty he will be able to say "I am a retired US Air Force General and all my white hair is from my wife and kids" and so I replied "are you sure it isn't from your video games killing all of those brain cells?"

Yup the friendly banter in our home. It truly is friendly and totally loving and we truly do love to tease each other. It was in our marrige vows "to love, honor, cherish, and tease from this day forward!"

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