Friday, February 12, 2010

Where does the time go?

My oh my time does fly! And these days it seems to fly at the speed of light! It has been far too long since I have had a moment to sit down and write to all of you wonderful folks! How I have missed this! Life at the Spencer house has been so eventful it is unreal! I actually stole away and attended a military spouses event sponsored by Operation Homefront the other day and in my excitement I volunteered when the speaker requested. When I arrived on the stage the lady said to another volunteer and myself, "you are stressed," pointing at me "and you are her battle buddy, talk her down" she said to the lady to my right. So I did what I know and that is to share my life, HAHAHAHA!!! I started rambling, "I am suppose to catch a plane for our annual trip home on Wednesday morning and here it is Monday night and I am here!" "Well, you have all day tomorrow" my battle buddy said. "Yes and I have five kids and I must pack for seven people because my husband does not pack, and I still have two puppies to sell before we leave, and I don't have a sitter for my dog yet, and my house should be featured on a show entitled 'I can't believe they live like that'" and as I looked to my right I saw my battle buddy stunned and at a loss for words and I suddenly felt extremely guilty that I gave her too high a ledge to talk me off of for this skit! The speaker chuckled and said "man you are good at this," and my friends who had come to the event too just laughed because they knew that this was the truth and only the half of it!

So that is just a tip of our iceberg but the real problems came when the East Coast started to receive their second blizzard in two weeks! On top of the already 2-3 feet of snow they were getting an inch an hour! For someone who loves snow, like myself, this storm normally would have elicited a bit of envy but considering our flight plans it did quite the opposite.

Our Grandmother (my husband's, father's mother) is turning 80 and so there is a huge family dinner in Connecticut on Saturday. Then on Sunday we will be attending a special church service for her (she is a Pastor). However, our plans were to fly into Baltimore where half of our family lives and then drive with them to Connecticut two days after our arrival. Now we have to fly into Connecticut on Saturday and the earliest that we can get there is 1 hour into the dinner which means that we will not get there until the dinner is over.

The biggest kicker is that my Mother in law saves up her frequent flier miles (she travels for work) and blesses us to come home. This year it was especially for this event. I so wish that I knew someone with a private jet so that we could make it there tomorrow! :)

So for now I am cleaning and I am glad to say that because of my two friends that were with me at the Military Spouses event (which I will write more on later) and two other friends, I am finally so very close to be caught up in my home! I can't thank these friends enough! It is so difficult keeping up with my home when I am struggling with my health and still working out of the home! Tomorrow I will finish packing :)

What has been happening in your neck of the woods?

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