Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There were four in the bed and the little one said...

I just love to share and hear about the adorable things our children do and we are so very full of them lately!! So I will start with the youngest, work my way to the oldest, and then tell you about my eventful night last night!

For quite some time I have been working with Liam to use words and signs but he will have none of it. He much prefers to point and grunt or scream for what he wants. So during a dessert experience in front of our family Liam wanted his third helping of another family members' cake (can we say youngest of the family?) So I said to him "not unless you say please" so what does he say "peeeece" then he uses the more sign without me even prompting him! I was floored, of course he has known what I have been teaching him, he just didn't want to do it! OH That Boy!

While we were flying back to PA Breya looked out and said "look mommy we are flying in the clouds," now remember she just turned 2 in August, then she said with such surprise and seriousness "we are in heaven?!?" Oh I loved it!

Violet on the other hand decided to treat the airplane like the Little Einsteins plane and pat her lap while yelling "we need more power!" it was so cute because the other kiddos (ones that weren't even mine) joined in. A lady sitting in front of us said that she had always had anxiety at lift off until that day! Violet has also been having a stuffy nose lately and has told us with such sadness daily that "her nose isn't workin!"

Avagrace is my artist and truly loves to make every waking moment into an artistic endeavor. From picking out her clothes and tying socks around her ankles (true story), to eating her food into shapes and then telling us what they are before she consumes the 'sculpture' it is all a masterpiece. The moment we walked into my sister and brother-in-law's home (he is also and artist and my sister is a great encourager of being true to ones self) she discovers the refrigerator full of magnets (that Auntie picked out just for such a situation) that can be pieced together in a scene. She gets right to it and stood there for a good 30 minutes before she is satisfied and then shows everyone her masterpiece! I love to see the world through her eyes, she is so unique!

On the other hand Aidan is full of vigor and sees' the world through social exchanges and is very destination oriented versus journey oriented. He always wants to know what is next, until he sees a baby. He (and I) were so excited to see my cousin-in-laws 1 month old baby while we were home. As soon as Aidan got to see him he could do little else. He wanted to be near the baby at all times and couldn't hold him enough. Seeing Aidan around babies is so miraculous. From birth Aidan was always aware of the little ones. He was not even two when Gracie was born and yet he could sit in her crib with her and watch her intently and gently give her the paci if needed. He is so sensitive and cares so much for the future generations and our country! When we drove away from where 'baby' was he asked Brendan and I if we could be foster parents or adopt some babies because "we need more babies around, we are good at babies and babies need us" he said.

As for last night all three girls had come to join me in my bed before Bren got home from work. At one point Breya fussed and pushed and said to the rest of us who were sleeping "roll over!" At which point Violet and Gracie rolled over so I scooted a bit to my left and boom, I hit the floor and my head hit my bed table! So the song "there were four in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over, " Yeah it is a true story! HAHAHA unfortunately my head is not appreciative!

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