Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Christmas Tradition

This is my favorite Christmas Tradition and ALWAYS my Christmas present, to get the whole family matching PJ's to wear on Christmas morning. I totally love it, it is dorky, it is fun, it is all me! The best thing is I have rubbed off on my family and now they all love it! There was actually a debate about pajama's this year! Typically I pick them out and nobody even cares to look, grant it many of the 'bodies' in this house are no longer babies and toddlers, but Brendan even but in A LOT of advice this year.

As you may know from years past, we have always gone with the same company. However, this year we chose a different one because the traditional company had sold out of the style we wanted and the only other styles that they had were ones we had used in years past. So I searched and searched for other company's that carried family pajamas.

I very well could have sewn them all for the whole family, and I will do this at some point. However, with a life as busy as ours have been, I did not have a moment to spare searching for patterns and fabric etc. Oh and I am so glad that I did not have time to make them because I never would have discovered Snug As A Bug!

First I will say that this is the company that I will be going with from now on! They were amazing. Their pajamas were actually cheaper than said company from Christmas's past and this is the best part, their pajama's are so durable and soft they will last for years!

Pajama's that we have purchases in the past were thin cotton and would wear out within a season. I could not pass any of them on and in our house we MUST pass them on! But Snug as A Bug will hold up to quite a bit. We have already washed them countless times and they still look brand new with zero fading.

They are also all of our favorites still because of how soft, warm, and comfortable they are! Now all I need is a tri pod so that I can take a picture on Christmas morning with all of us in it!

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