Friday, February 26, 2010

Junee's Modest Apparel for Women, Teens, and now girls!

Good evening everyone and thank you so much for stopping by! I have some exciting news to share with all of you! Thanks to one of my readers I have found a new modest clothing store that is not just modern but oh so stylish! Everyone, modest or not, will love something from the online store called Junee's. Junee's originally started out as a boutique in New York but thankfully they decided to enter the world of web stores in addition to their three boutique's and now we can have their fabulous clothing delivered to our homes all around the world! And trust me you are going to love it! Junee's rocks! In fact, you will love it so much you will most likely begin making a wish list the second you check out the site, not that this is what I did or anything :) Actually, I made a wish list and purchased several skirts to get me started! Ok, seriously look at these skirts, how could you pass them up!! Oh and guess what, there is an exclusive coupon code for all of my readers at the end of this post!!!!! Thank you Junee's!

This one, called Aba, is only 38.00 and guess what, it really does hit just below the knee! It is amazing!

Oh but then there is this one, the tri-button long for only 44.00, and guess what??? It is truly a long skirt! YUP no screams of "flood preparation" for me! Can you believe it, it actually goes to my feet!

So they not only do what they say they will do but they fit a variety of sizes too! From a Junee's xs-xxl. Now one word of caution, this is a Junee's size, please check their size chart. Their skirts are spot on for what they say that they will fit, however their numbers do not match numbers from other brands/designers/makers that I normally wear. You can find the Junee's size chart here!

So great sizes, really fabulous designs, true to the lengths advertised and get this.....high quality for those affordable prices! The denim is soft and thick. Not cheap and stiff like some that I have experienced. It even has that nice new jean lustre! I couldn't wait to put them on and wear them about! Now I have my blue jean staples all while honoring my conviction to wear modest and feminine skirts! is the best part! Junee's has become one of my affiliates and is offering all of my readers 10% off any order for the next month!!! Can you believe it??? I am so happy for all of you and hey, I may use the promo code too :) So here it is and please tell all your friends, swan10. That's it! Enter swan10 in the checkout and you will get 10% off their already great prices, for Women's, Teens, and now girls (which I can't wait to order some for Gracie and Violet!) for the entire month of March (and don't worry it is already active so you can order today if you want to!) and shipping is always the low price of $7.00!
AGAIN the coupon code is SWAN10!!!

What are you waiting for? Check out Junee's online today!

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