Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love my husband, I really really do!

To ere is human to forgive is divine. Have you ever thought about that quote. I am not quite sure who first wrote that but I do know that they hit the nail on the head. Every one of us makes mistakes daily, but forgiving those mistakes in ourselves and in others takes practice. It is not a natural 'I forgot about that so it must not have been a big deal' but rather a conscious decision and practice. A decision that Jesus made for the most unworthy.

In the scriptures we read that "God is Love" and that to Love is to in fact embrace our saviour because you cannot Love without God since God is you follow?

As a little girl I thought that love was a feeling. A wellspring of emotion that caused one to bubble up inside and spill out into the world with excitement and feelings. I thought that love was something special and rare, that everybody had the opportunity for but not everyone had. As a teenager I thought "Love never fails" and "Love conquers all" and that "Love never ends." I learned the hard way that both my definition of Love and my thoughts on Love were wrong.

To say Love never fails, never ends, and conquers all would only be accurate if looking at the true definition of Love from the one who is and who created Love. But according to the worldly definition of Love, that of feelings and emotions, love is then a human form of love that will fail every time.

If you are one looking for love or defining love by emotion, feelings, actions, or something you expected it to be than you are not truly understanding what love is and therefore will never find it even if it is staring you right in your face. In order to truly find love you must seek LOVE, that is to seek HIM and then you will find Him when you seek him with all of your heart. If you put your heart in other things you cannot truly be seeking him with all of your heart.

You see, Love is a choice. It is a decision to accept God's plan and will for your life even when you don't feel it. Even when you don't see it. Even when you don't understand it. Love is a choice and a commitment to seeing things through His eyes and staying true to His word and yours. Love is not a feeling, although it is so powerful it can illicit strong emotions. Love is NOT lust, in fact lust is a sin and something that is not from God. (There is a distinct difference between lust and being attracted to your spouse)

Love is challenging. It is not all roses and dinner dates or hearts and diamonds. It is obedience, strong character, and a dedication to the Lord. If it is feelings you want that Honor his word and ask for his blessings. Stay close to Him and ask Him to show you the world through His eyes. Love is beauty in the brokenness.

I write this today for many reasons. There are so many people confused, aching, and lonely because of the cultures misrepresentation on what Love really is. Many times I will have wrong expectations because my definition of Love has steered off the wrong course. Other times I am reminded of how grateful I am to have true love. My husband and I really do have a tremendous Love for each other. We are both very different. We are both very stubborn. We are both very forgetful and scatter brained. We are both extreme opposites in so many ways. Yet God brought us together and it amazes us time and time again how much we 'fit together' just like a puzzle. We really do complete each other. That is not to say that it is easy. That is not to say that we remember this all the time and it is certainly not to say that we do not have our marital problems because we do. It is to say that God is Love and that without him it is impossible to fully experience what real love is all about.

If you are searching for love stop. If you are upset because you are not 'in love' than get over it and search for Him because then and only then will you truly find Love. It is all around you. It is in every single blessing that He has given. It is in every single trial that He is going through with you. It is every single moment of your day but you won't even realize it until you are looking at the world through His eyes.

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