Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am back, with AVATAR

In order to properly welcome the New Year I decided to take a short break from my blog, as I am sure you all have noticed. I will say that it has done me much good and I am back and ready to experience this fabulous new year with you!

Three weeks ago yesterday my darling Felicity gave birth to 9 gorgeous puppies and I can't wait to tell you all about it. However, this late in the night is not the proper time for such a fabulous retelling of said account. Instead I will share with you my glorious date night, one that just ended moments ago.

My sister in law is here to visit and it has been great fun. She has been here for a week now and has really gotten to see what our life is like. It is so nice for her to experience more than a few days with us so that she may know so much more about our day in and day out. Tonight she blessed us with a much needed and oh so appreciated date night. She watched the five kiddos and ten dogs so that we could go to a movie. Not only did she do the child-watch but she also made the house nicer than it was when we left AND made brownies with them! Not bad for her first time with all five kiddos alone.

During this time Bren and I were able to go to see the new movie AVATAR. I must admit that when I first saw the 'cover' photo I said "this is not a movie that I am going to want to see." I am not into the alien-space-type-movies and well I had it in my mind that it was going to be anti-me anti-Christian....I know way judgemental! I stand corrected and am admitting this in shame because it was in fact the first movie to stir my soul and ignite my passion in a very long time.

I love this movie so much that I want it to be playing in my mind at all times to remind me how much I love our God and how much I want to serve HIM. Of course, this is not a "Christian" movie. In fact there is no discussion of Christianity or any organized religion as we know it at all. In fact in on scene of the movie the scientist is explaining to the soldiers that the "God" that they are worshiping is not like some pagan practice but that they are honoring a true biological being more intricate than the human brain. I can't even begin to describe the impact that this film has had on me. I am not going to give the movie away, and I am certainly not going to give a review that you will read in a magazine. Instead I am going to give you my philosophical analysis, my take on the film.

To me it seemed that there was a battle between two species. The aliens and the natives so to speak. The aliens relied on their own brain power to destroy anything in their path so that they could single-handily create whatever tool or machine to help them accomplish their goal. The Natives relied on the life and energy that their 'Deity' lent them in order to make connections and relationships with all living beings...from the moss that they walked on, to the beast that they learned to ride. They had a profound respect for their connection with everything and observed constant reverence for the fact that nothing was theirs but everything was their 'Deity's'.

The graphics were beautiful, the imagery unimaginable, the beauty was more beautiful than words can describe. It was untouchable and yet so real. In the film the Natives would move about within their world and when connected with any other being there would be a sort of glow. So when they walked on the dark and sleeping moss the area around their footprint would glow for just a moment. In this same way Avatar has lit my soul.

I want to remember this visual to remind myself to stay ever connected and respectful of the fact that My Creator, Creator of all things, is in control of all things and that my purpose in this life is to make connections and share with others the beauty of all that is HIS until it is my time to return to Him. The most important thing out of all of this? That My Creator wants to be connected to ME and that I should remain in constant connection, prayer, and proximity to Him at all times.

From the bottom of my heart I urge you to go and see this movie!

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