Thursday, January 21, 2010

Attachment Parenting part 2

Today we had a better day! Hallelujah! Although it must be in the air right now for kids to be fussy, fighting, whiny, and all of the above! I put my kids down early tonight and I know it was a good choice. It seems that I am not the only one as at least 6 of my friends updated their status messages to read something about fussy or whining children!

I have two things to announce before I begin. First my camera battery charger has been found and the battery is charging as we speak, so look for pics of the puppies tomorrow! The second thing that I wanted to mention is that I know have an official Amazon Store. It is the same store and shopping as, however it is a place where I can highlight my favorite products and products that we have used. If you use please enter Amazon through our storefront and make sure to check out the items we recommend! I have started the store off with some of my favorite children's books!

Attachment parenting is great but how do I get to know my kids. I mean, they are still figuring themselves they really have anything to get to know?

I love that question, to be honest it cracks me up! the author of the question has such a good point, however, the answer is a resounding YES! your kids have plenty to teach you about who they are! Can you think back to your childhood and notice things that you did/loved then that you do/love now? I know I can!

Jesus knew this full well when he said to "let the little children come" to Him and "to have faith like a child" He knew that children are more intelligent than adults in many ways! Sure we have years of experience but that is not always what is needed to understand something. Sometimes experience and book knowledge interferes with a true understanding. So instead of telling your kids what books to read, what subjects to learn, and what games to play, each and every time; ask them what they want to learn about or do.

I just love how in-to the president's and America's government Aidan is. I would never have thought to delve so deeply into presidential facts and knowledge this early in his education. However, I do not ever want to hinder his education because I have to teach him something else right now. I would much rather him love to learn than to resent the lessons that are being force fed each day. Now some of you may already be arguing this point in your minds. I am not going to let him rule his school day. He will still have to work on penmanship, spelling, math, reading etc. But he can also learn those things through the subjects that really get him going!

Avagrace has a fascinating way of seeing and describing the world. If I just sit and listen to her I learn so much about her. It is so important to meet our children where they are and to try to give them special time to do what they love to do.

While we have only one vehicle and Brendan working afternoon-evening shift our extracurriculars are limited. That does not mean that the kids cannot become interested in them. I have learned so much about topics I was never interested in just because my kids were interested in them and so I helped them to find more information through the Internet, books, and trips to the library (which is thankfully in walking distance!)

A child that knows that you are interested in them and not always trying to 'tell them what to do' is going to be more apt to talking to you, asking your opinion, and respecting said opinion. By spending time with our kids and allowing them to teach us things, does not make them more powerful in a battle of power. Parent child relationships do not have to be that way. They can be nurturing, guiding, and cooperative while still maintaining the parent-child (versus parent as a friend) dynamic that is so needed today! When was the last time you sat down to color with your kids, asked your kids to show you how to do something (like ride a skate board), or read a book with them about something you have little or no interest in?

I challenge you to try to do something different with your kids this week. Build a Lego tower, make a mud pie, create a paper-maiche volcano, or look up how a helicopter works online, together! Then come back here and comment to share how it went! Sound good?

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