Sunday, January 31, 2010

Add-on to my modest clothing blog

As I have been perusing the web for some more modest clothing sites I came across a few more that I want to mention and review just a bit. Molly's Clothing found at this site is really exciting for me for two reasons, well ok many reasons but two in particular!

First the clothing designer 'Molly' has these Mini Molly's that are perfect for folks like me, who always must wear and undershirt in case of child-forced reveal (do you know what I mean? just hold a squirmy child and see how modest your clothing is then!) but who always gets overheated! These shirts are great because they cover the parts that said top might reveal and yet it is not such a solid layer to make you hot. Molly carries the Mini Molly and a Molly Midriff depending on which area needs to be covered!

The second thing I love about this site is the fact that she has the Mini's for girls also! So I can buy my girls those cute sundresses and they can still remain modest! How fabulous!

Another site that I find fun is Vintage Hem, like Molly's site Vintage Hem (this is their sale link)inspires us to use our current clothing or clothing that we can find locally while remaining true to our modest convictions. Instead of the tops being this designer's focus, its the skirts. If you have a skirt that is too short, just slip on one of their beautiful slips and your hem line is now different and longer! You will have to check it out to see what I mean, but trust me their products are addicting, especially if you wear skirts a lot!

Finally, I found a site that carries long shirts and cami's, and get this I didn't find just one but two!!! The first is called Apricot Apparel and I truly cannot wait to order a few of their products either! Especially since I am tall, high waisted and still carrying baby weight in my stomach, I NEED long shirts and they are so hard to find! The second site is called ComforTeez, they advertise similar products to Apricot Apparel and they have similar prices.

Lastly, one of my readers suggested I look at and I am so glad that I did! They have skirts galore and they come in all sizes and styles!

I truly cannot wait to purchase a few from each spot as I look to make the final 'total switch' to modest feminine clothing as Brendan and I understand it! I do hope that this has helped and I thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods!

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