Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Side Note

As my regular readers know, I am preparing for my masters and working on getting some of my books into print! This week a lot has happened in my writing life.

First I have been invited to a writing conference in February, in Colorado! Max Lucado is going to be there and I would love to go! It is an intensive weekend where I can meet with authors, publishers, and agents. I will also take classes and learn from the best in the business. The only downfall is that even with the scholarship that was awarded with the invitation, I would need about 1500.00 to go! OI!

The second thing is that I have been nudged to work more on my Children's book about epilepsy! I have been working on it, very loosely, for about four months. What I would like to know from you fabulous folks is....what do you think children who do not have epilepsy, would like to read that would interest them and make them want to read it over and over again?

My other question is this, do any of you subscribe to Publishers Weekly? It is a weekly magazine that shares the best of the best when it comes to publishing. However, it is a 250.00 subscription! I would love to have it as a resource but...WOW! I will buy used copies if anyone has them, thanks!

Please let me know, discussion is open!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am back!

After a long weekend, spending time with God and my fellow PWOC ladies in Missouri I am back and ready to share some more! This weekend was spend at Windermere Lodge/camping area. It is a beautiful valley nestled in the Ozarks mountains of Missouri. Every other year the PWOC central region meets together here to get away, rejuvenate, study, and fellowship with the PWOC's on all the bases in the central region. That is women connected to the Air Foce, Army, Marines, Navy etc. Though, it is primarily Army and Air Force. The women are either retirees, wives of retirees, enlisted, or dependents. I really can't say enough about PWOC I love them and the whole experiences is priceless.

On another note I had a conversation with a lady that has seen seizures before. I was sharing with her about Gracie's epilepsy and how Gracie could not play soccer this year because the organization could not be liable for her epilepsy. Even if we signed a waiver she was not allowed. The lady was shocked because her children played for this organization with asthma and in her words "asthma is way worse than epilepsy." I was surprised and sheepishly said "you know people die from epilepsy, as many as die from breast cancer each year." Her reply was "people die from asthma too." I did not continue because I didn't want to be a "poor my daughter" type of lady. However, I was so surprised.

Every single time a person has a seizure they have damage to their brain, brain cells, and all body systems. Seizures are not ok. They are not mild, minor or no big deal. Epilepsy needs people to be aware and to help! Join me in getting the word out.