Friday, October 2, 2009

Magnificent Manager and friend

Hello all! Today I had the lovely experience of running into a lifesaver in my family. You see I was perusing the aisles of Michael's, preparing for an upcoming Sunday School craft as well as an addition to my ditch the disposables goals...when my wandering ear hears a lovely mama talking ever so sweetly to her little girls. She was engaging them in her trip, telling them what she was thinking, teaching them in such a natural way. This is a better deal, this will be easier to you, this is going to match our project more...these are the types of things she was saying. My favorite (and oh yes I got very nosy just listening away, because her joy and love for her children just captivated me) was when she said, "don't you think we should get this one for your kitty tale (they were making costumes) so when you move it will swish just like a real kitty" "oh yes!" was the response of her precious pre-schooler! So I noticed her looking at a product that I had no luck with and had to chime in...this is when my husband would tease me for never being able to hold my tongue. Thankfully she was a dear soul sister (a sister in Christ that is very much like me, yes my very own definition and yes Ginnish is my native tongue HA!) she enjoyed to chat too. As we were chatting I suddenly recognized her. One of my hero's. One of my sanity-savers. It was THEY Magnificent Manager. I met her 2.5 years ago at the Oklahoma Christian Homeschool Convention. She was selling her invention Magnificent Manager ! I listened to her introduction/explanation at least three times. I had her bag it up and hold it for me. I prayed all through the conference. I did not want to make another purchase that looked like such a good idea but I would not use it! By the end of the conference I knew that this was just for me! I bought one and have used it ever since. Our daily schedule is on the board. My kids have magnets with their pictures that they move through their schedule. Sometimes we just have one big family magnet that goes through it so we travel through our day together. It keeps us on track and helps me to remember just what it was that I was doing! I can't imagine life without it. While I have made it mine with a few little tweaks, it is one of the best inventions ever and I seriously think everyone should check it out!

As we talked I told her that I featured her on my blog before. It was on the old site and did not carry-over onto here. But I have to display it again for all of you fabulous newbies! Trust me-it is one organizational tool I will never live without!

I look forward to many more chats with Mrs. Shauna and I would love to hear your stories about your experience with Magnificent Manager and what you think! Be blessed!! Oh and yes I will show pics of our Magnificent Manager in practice later!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » eames rocker giveaway!

Yes they are plastic and yes we are working so hard to go plastic free so I will not be entering this contest. HOWEVER, you can enter! These rockers are pretty neat huh? Let me know if you enter and what you think of the rocker! Enjoy!!

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » eames rocker giveaway!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom and Sisters Visit

So as you know my mom and sister were able to visit for FIVE DAYS!!! It was so amazing to have them all to myself (ok I did have to share with my kiddos). They were a tremendous blessing to me as well! I have missed them incredibly and can't remember the last time I had time with the two of them together and alone. Not only did we get to enjoy our usual outings to Star 'dollar' coffee (you know that fabulous brand of coffee that I don't want to use the TM name without permission haha...) But we also started a new tradition (at least it better be a tradition! We went to the Barn and Nobility ;) bookstore (yup the one for farmers and kings hahahaha) and sat at the Star dollar coffee talking, reading, catching up and then we got to peruse the book store...OH HAPPY DAY :)

The most wonderful gift I received from them was the fact that they came. I have needed them in so many ways...just a visit, some time, a sight, a hug. It is hard being away for so long when it someone whom you care for so much. It is also amazing and priceless to see my chillies with my family! I want them to know them so well, for them to be a huge part of their lives always. You can never get back time and that is a constant in the forefront of my mind.

The second most wonderful thing was the help and willingness they had to help with my monstrosity that is my home! I am a perfectionist and a messy child-turned neat freak. Married to a messy child-turned messier adult. With five little children. A small Air Force house. A love affair with books and crafts. Children whom love to play with everything at one time in every room of the house :) and did I mention a messy husband. On top of all of that "normal stuff" We have hand-me-d0wns, bulk items and stuff that just seems to accumulate that I can never keep up with. We spent a good 10 hours on two rooms in our house. The girls room and the parents room. With the help of Lindsey and Joe we took down the bunk beds and delivered them to Ashley. Then we filled up their SUV and some of their truck with stuff to donate to Good Will! It was amazing! I am so ready to move on to other rooms in the house, but that would involve my husband taking the kids out for several hours again (not likely) and my mom and sister coming back (very extremely not likely). I guess I could go it alone if Bren took the kids out but do I really want to? Yes and NO! It will never be as rewarding or as much fun as it was with my mom and sis. But it has to be done! I wish you could have seen the three of us! OH and we had Liam bean with us too, so the three of us and mom and sister rock!

Cleaning with a big family is something I have not mastered yet. How do you do it when they are all little and are always right wait they are over here now...haha see what I am getting at. They are always right where you don't want them to be, ahem!

Now as I sit here typing the blog I have been waiting on posting (one because I did want to show before and after pics but the after I can't keep accurate to actually take the picture and two because I miss them so much and again I am keenly aware that I will not see them again for quite a while. So on that note I will sign out and say, Thank you Marme and Frosty, I do miss you terribly and I am incredibly thankful for your help!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Oklahoma Crud

Of course, this post could be titled the Pennsylvania cold, the beach burn, etc. etc..but seriously in Oklahoma during the change of seasons, if you have allergies you better move! haha...The allergy counts are so high that you get sick and stay sick and usually get all kinds of infections on top of it because you body is so busy fighting the allergies that your immune system is more susceptible to everything else. So here we are with the Oklahoma crud again, plus fevers to boot! The fevers started Saturday morning and are holding strong. There are only a few times that I can think of that make having a large family exponentially more difficult, 5 little ones sharing the stomach bug and the common flu is definitely one of them! Thank God I don't have kids that throw up from seeing others throw up! We already have back to back messes as it is! How is your family holding up to the season changes? Ironically, this is my favorite time of year...I just LOVE fall! It makes my creative juices flow, my adrenaline pump, and my soul thrives! Sometimes I feel like God made Fall just for me :) I can't wait to go to the farmers market and this week will begin my pumpkin recipes!! Oh and the zucchini!!!!!! well I am actually very sad about zucchini this year...mine did not grow, not at all! I didn't even get a sprout! So, if anybody has some they want to pass on I will take all I can is a favorite food in this house! Last year I froze enough to last through April! I am also going to take the kids to a peanut farm and we will make our own peanut butter!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Anger and Love ?

So I have come to the realization that in order to be really genuinely angry at someone you must really genuinely love them. Now before I go on I must preface this post with the following...

I am not saying that acting out in anger is ok. Nor am I saying to allow the sun to go down upon your anger. I am not condoning anger or making it seem ok. There is a time and a place for anger though and anger is part of our design. Jesus got angry. For many years I did not believe this to be so. I pictured Him as this meek and mild, all love-hippie type (haha-I know-sounds absurd). However, He is God's son and fully God as well. Our God is a jealous God and hate's sin! Anger is a passionate emotion that comes from despise/disappointment/and here goes.

I have learned that the only people I ever get really angry at are those that I love. I may get irritated or upset by others, but to really get me angry...well that is something different. It is not an enjoyable feeling, in fact I quite despise confrontation and my biggest flaw is anger. It is the first area of my life that I will complain about, it is the area that I feel the most inadequate (the second is getting everything done as it needs to be done..but that is a whole other blog!) I despise the way I feel when I am angry.

Today I learned something though. I despise this area, and it is a weakness because I am not looking at anger in the right way. I had always looked at anger as this temper-filled action/emotion that one should avoid at all cost, and that one should be ashamed of. I often would hear the virtue of being "slow to anger" and thought that it was further encouragement to NEVER be angry. But now I see this differently.

Being slow to anger means just that. SLOW. Not easily angered. Not one to get angry about everything all the time. But when the ones you love so much, do things that are harmful, hurtful, or just plain foolish it is hard to avoid anger. Now I feel that it is in fact in these instances that avoiding anger is actually quite foolish as well. When you get angry it is because you care. You really want what is best for whatever it is that has upset you. Instead of loathing the feeling and putting your thoughts on the emotion it is best to focus your energies and your thoughts into redemption, reconciliation, healing, self-control, and forgiveness. Anger is the wonderful meter that alerts us when we need to stop in our tracks and handle something in the proper way.

From this day forward I desperately hope to be alerted to immediate prayer at the first twinge of anger. Not immediate increase of anger because I am angry at myself for being angry :) I hope to practice self control and focus on the issue at hand instead of brushing it aside as to avoid the emotion, only to allow it to build a mountain under a flat rug!

Father God, thank you for your guidance, your help, your wisdom! You are infinitely wise. It is so funny to me how I can be so close to a "Monet" picture that I cannot see anything but tiny little blobs and details and then finally when I stop obsessing over the things I stare at each day, I can step back and say "Ah-Ha" this is what He has been wanting me to see! Thank you father for your patience for me. I know that I can be so short with others...thinking "why doesn't so and so understand this... I have said it 50 times!" When in fact, I am the worst one to be listening to YOU Father, over and over way more than 50 times, until I finally understand what You have been telling me all along! Father, please help me to remember the goodness in anger. I thank you for this lesson and I appreciate You, knowing that you will be with me every step of the way as I put this new way of thinking into practice! You are an amazing Father and I ask that you help me to be the best possible daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, that You will have me be! I pray to you in your Son's Holy and ever so precious name! Amen!

Be blessed my friends!