Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peace out pepsi

So today I go to feed our three year old Beta Fish named Pepsi...and I found it belly up. Yes scenes from Nemo are floating through my head right now which makes me feel more guilty about what I am going to say next but I am very honest and have to say it. I was so relieved that this fish died I was sort of counting down the days waiting for it to swim it's last swim. It was just one more responsibility to add to the children, 2 dogs, a ton of house plants, the husband, the house, the job, the cleaning, the laundry, the list goes on and on...

I really did love this fish and when we got it it was really nice to have. Then the novelty wore off and the grown ups were really the only ones that noticed it. That is why I think if any other animal ever comes into our home it will be an insect lore kit. They send you these larvae or tadpoles of whatever breed of bug etc that you can watch change in these little terrariums. Then when the growing is done and they are adults you release them! Fabulous. A pet that lasts just during the novelty phase and teaches at the same time. We are currently waiting for our ladybug larvae for our fall project.

So goodbye dear pepsi, you were a good fish. Oh and sorry about your name. Our red one was named Cherry Coke, and no I didn't name it Aidan did! So then he says the blue one should be named that blue soda's name, you know the one you and daddy don't like. Oh Pepsi? Yup that's it. So we had coke and pepsi lol. Coke died shortly after we got it, it was apparently a lemon :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Homeschool,

Dear Homeschool,
Oh my dearest homeschool, I LOVE YOU! Not only do you nurture and support my children to engage in their lessons you teach them to be in charge of their learning. To learn all things that interest them and to find interest in things that do not naturally engage them. You tell them that there is not a certain age approved for learning particular topics. You also tell them that each subject is connected to the next in some way. That math doesn't end at 10:00 but continues throughout the day and throughout life.

Oh my precious homeschool I also love how you encourage my little children. When they see you with my older ones you invite them to listen. As you know this teaches them patience and it gives them bits of what we are learning. The really cool thing about this is it makes them want to learn, to be like the big kids. They are not looking as school as this place to go but rather a process of obtaining information. Oh homeschool how wise you are!

Oh my darling my favorite part of you being here is how my children are more aware of the goal obtaining of knowledge. Home is no longer this place of entertainment. It is their foundation. The giver of not just peace and fun but the giver of all things God ordained. knowledge, Wisdom, and courage. You embrace them and encourage them to seek out the things that God wants them to find. They now find knowledge in their observations in play and in the backyard. They don't just go out to explore aimlessly but with direction and desire to come in and share what they found.

But the truly greatest part is how they want to communicate with me about everything right now. Yes, it is a test in patience for me, and a lesson for me in parenting, but what better way for me to learn too? Oh precious homeschool my children now know the truths, that God is the giver of all things, the creator of all things, and the one who guides our daily steps. He is not something that we leave at the door when entering our education or our outside world. He is our education and our outside world. He is all and our all in all!

Thank you homeschool for loving my children and blessing me so!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Putting my crappy attitude in check...

We are a military family and we live on base. Saying that makes me feel like I am at some sort of support group, and right now I feel like I need one lol. One year ago the housing on our base was taken over by a private company "privatizing." This happens because the Air Force cannot afford to take care of their housing on their base because the government does allocate enough money to the military. Largely because many voters think that military money only goes to war and many citizens believe that people in the military don't have to pay for anything. This couldn't be farther from the truth and many service members consistently fall below poverty level in their incomes. We military members pay for everything, housing, food, daycare, transportation etc. The only thing that is covered is movers, and shipping our household goods to and from. Sometimes we get reimbursed for our travel from one duty location to another when we move but not always and again, it only comes as a reimbursement.

So when we move to Japan in March we will need to sell nearly everything including our car! We are only allowed to take 2,000 pounds with us which is basically beds and clothes and a few appliances. We will have plane tickets purchased for us but the money that it costs for food during the trip, housing/hotels, buying a new vehicle, restocking our groceries, etc.etc.etc. Well that is all out of pocket. Hopefully we will sell everything in our house to cover the cost but we will wait and see.

Sorry, off on a tangent, back to the meeting tonight. The company that took over the base housing (Balfour Beatty) promised us the world and is only delivering a globe. I asked some questions during the meeting and was visibly agitated when they dodged the questions or answered them in tricky politically correct terms. Like when I said "will people living in four bedroom homes move to new four bedroom homes when they have to me" "that is our intent" Intent is not what I asked, a yes or no will suffice. Then when asked how the kids who will be living 2 miles away from the on-base elementary school/middle and high school bus stop will get there when there are no connecting sidewalks between school and neighborhood they were baffled. They had never even thought about it and they are moving tons of people in over the next few weeks.

All that being said I hate how upset I get at meetings like this. When people are lying and trying to make it look so good when it isn't. I hate how I let it get to me and then respond in frustration and agitation. I hate the negativity and bad attitudes of me and those around me including the perpetrator. I just can't sit back and take injustice! I guess I am just a rebel with a cause...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Avagrace and Liam

First Avagrace...

Tonight I was cuddling with Avagrace before bed. We were just laying in my bed quietly she she looks over at me and says "Mommy, does Jesus live in your heart and in my heart?" "Well, he lives in mine because I asked Him to and when you ask Him to, as long as you really want Him to, he will. Have you asked Him to live in your heart?" No, she said. But she smiled very big and said "But I want to" "Do you want me to help you" No she said, "But will you pray with me and just listen so you know if I say it right?" Sure I smiled. "Do you want Daddy to come in and listen too?" No she giggled "just me and mommy" Ok, so we laid there for a minute but she was so serious and was acting like something was wrong. I said "what is wrong sweetie" "I am trying not to laugh she said." Why are you trying not to laugh? "Because I want to laugh and I don't know why so I am trying not to" Then I was trying not to laugh as I explained to her that Mommy has the same problem, when I get nervous, embarrassed, afraid, sad, or excited I laugh. Sometimes it is very inappropriate but it is really a response that I only recently have been able to control. I told her being excited right now was good and that she could smile and laugh. As soon as the pressure was off she relaxed and didn't feel the need to laugh anymore, she closed her eyes and very quietly asked Jesus to come and live in her heart. She finished by telling Him that she loved Him. Oh how this blessed me and I know it blessed Him to! Have you asked Jesus into your heart? Have your children? When and How I would love to know!

Ok part two of this post Liam: Today Liam Bean is 1! I cannot believe that my teeny tiny preemie baby (teeny for me) is 1 year old today! We set a gift bag on the floor for him as he was playing and instantly his super-crawler self sped over to dive into it. He pulled out his wooden toys and tasted them all :) He loved it and so did his siblings, he danced while we sang happy birthday, and then he blessed me with his first solitary and independent steps. TO ME!!! I am so happy!! Last baby's first word MAMA, Last babies first wave bye-bye while he was in my arms, Last babies first blown kiss and regular kiss to me! Last babies first steps to me! This kid is good, he sure knows how to get on my good side, lol! Oh how I love this baby and all of my beautiful babies!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movies Part II

Wow, this weekend there were over 115 hits to this blog! That being said I will be revealing a sponsor this week! So check back, it's a good one!

Now onto the cliff hanger for our weekending!

The movie that....
I go to most often when I am in the mood for some fun (just me time)...The Devil Wears Prada

I choose when the kids want me to watch a movie with them....Evan Almighty, Cheaper by the Dozen, Yours Mine and Ours

I choose when animated is a must...The Tale of Desperaux, Ratatouille, Nemo, or a Barbie Movie

is the best "feel good" movie ever! Enchanted

I choose when I need to be encouraged in making the right choices...Fly Wheel

I choose when I want to be vulnerable and lovey and am prepared to Cry....The Notebook

I choose when I want to watch a great movie about lasting love and redemption...Sweet Home Alabama

I choose whenever I can...Anne of Green Gables or Sense and Sensibility

I choose when I want to be reminded of home and is the easiest for me to relate to....Little Women (the one with Winona Ryder)

I choose for the kids when they want to watch Cartoons....Charlie and Lola

I want to be encouraged in my faith (this best describes my understanding of faith through the ages)...The Love Comes Softly Series

When I want to laugh and laugh.....Night at the Museum Two or Mean Girls

Ok now in the last blog I also started with a paragraph about how there can be those movies that you connect to for reasons other than enjoyment. Like when connect with a character's struggles. You may experience those same struggles but don't want to admit it to anyone else. It is freeing to feel not alone, even if it is only fiction. Fiction has to be inspired by some truth. A few movies I have watched recently have really struck a chord with me because of this reason.

For instance Sunshine Cleaners with Amy Adams really hit home. Many times I feel like Amy Adams' character especially when it comes to seeing people from your past. Before I became a Christian I was a very different person "the old has gone and the new is here" this couldn't be more true for myself. Thinking back to some of the choices I made or the attitude I had is appalling. It is very easy to forget that God has forgiven and redeemed such things from my past. After all, it is some of those very things that help me to be who I am now. Now, I must say that the things that her character did are not things that I have done, it is the feelings that she showed and the way that she felt inferior at times but reminded herself over and over that she was not. This is what I can relate to.

Another movie that I find myself relating to is a combination of Smother and The Women....the theme being a mother not knowing who she is anymore because she has defined herself by her children. WOW, this couldn't be more accurate. I have been pregnant and nursing for 7 years straight. It is very weird just getting over that change, let alone being someone other than so and so's mom. I absolutely love this honor but I want my kids to see that I am also invested in something I love too, whether it is cooking, blogging, writing, sewing, art, yoga, etc....I want them to see me doing things just for fun. While I totally agree that having my children is a blessing that deserves a incredibly large amount of sacrifice on my part, I also feel that if they see me being me, and not just being mom, they will be better for it and so will I.

Oh and I cannot forget the movie Juno. This movie is definitely a bit off at times, yet amazing at the same time. It is a film that made me so proud of a a character as if they were a real person. The movie showed a girl who willingly accepted the consequences of her actions and gave her child the best possible outcome. She didn't kill her baby because she was too afraid of the pain of getting attached and then giving them away...she put her feelings aside and was very unselfish. Being responsible and giving her baby a home. She knew that the pain she felt from killing the baby would be worse than the pain of missing seeing them grow up. I relate to this movie because it is what I encourage girls to do when they are in a similar situation if raising the child is not an option. It was good to see it on a movie.

There are so many other films that I love and relate too. I had a few private emails from individuals that told me about movies they relate to and why. They were very private and it was good to hear. Thank you for your participation and reading of my blog. It was fun taking a count of how many hits my blog got over the weekend.