Saturday, August 29, 2009

I would like to interrupt this program for....

Ok to take a moment and interrupt my movie hanger for the weekend, I found out fabulous news today! "A" One of my dear friends, whose husband works with my husband, just got orders for Japan TODAY!!!! OH MY GOSH, I can't believe it and I am so thrilled. B is there, A and D are coming and of course us. Now all we need is the other "A" who just made SSGT with my hubby!!! I can't wait for Japan! Island life here I come!!!

Be sure to chime in with your fav movie or a movie that you connected with. There is something to this plea of mine!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I LOVE films! Like stories they have this amazing way of showing us life, in sometimes a very realistic way. I mean how many times have you seen a film and thought, "man that is the same way I think" but you didn't want to admit it. Or how many times have you related to anther's struggle, obsession, quirk, or joy. Yes, stories typically spawn from someones form of truth, however, imaginations are behind stories too.

Films are like a feast for the senses. It is a story that you can get into but also see. And it isn't like a story when you imagine what you are reading and see it in your head....I mean you really see it and everyone else sees the same thing, so you have this story told to you and you all picture it the same way....or at least close to the same way.

One of my absolute favorite professors ever shared my love of film and she used them in her class. I took this idea and spread it on my other classes. I remember one fine day Andie (one of my 'can't live without 4) hijacked our sociology class to watch Mean Girls! It was incredible!

So that being said I have watched some amazing films this week as I have been working on a certain book proposal that I am submitting within the next few days (please pray for me!!!) and I was wondering if we can open up the discussion to see what films have moved you, in any way....

I will post again tomorrow about some of my favs! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yeah Me!

LOL so this is very unlike me but I have to 'toot my own horn' for a second and say that I finally went to the gym! You know only 5 days before Liam is 1 year old, ahem, but I went and it was amazing! I totally did 2 miles on the elliptical and 1 on the bike. It has been too long, you know only four years, but I started and I am so excited I pray I won't stop!

On another note, I totally cannot wait until tomorrow. I have some more creative ideas for the kids and I. A baking project and some organizing I would like to I really think I can get all this done??? No, not really....but I learned something about myself today. Or maybe I just finally admitted it to my self, LOL yeah I know that sounded way split personality and all but whatever.

I love organization and have great ideas to get organized but sometimes I get so organized that I get lost in the organization....or maybe I just don't know how to organize the organization....or maybe I just don't know how to implement my ideas.....yes I think it is the last one...and maybe a bit of the first one....I am so confused!

So tomorrow I will wade through half finished organization efforts, follow through with some creative ideas with my kiddos and definitely spend some time in pillows on the floor reading! Sounds awesome!

But before I end my most confusing post ever, I must give some amazing thanks to two very wonderful people. First, my husband. His new thing has been to make a pot of oatmeal before he leaves for work and for the past two days he has added in to make me a cup of coffee. I cannot express to you how amazing it has been. I have been without coffee for so long. Think about it, pregnant and nursing for four years straight with only a small break before that so truly a 7 year total! To have coffee freshly made, in my home, and to cross the threshold that is my mouth two days in a row is enough to send me sky rocketing through my day! Coffee is an amazing gift from God! To top it off it is Gevalia coffee with agave nectar and vanilla soy milk..............YUM!

Ok the next thanks goes to my friend Nikki. She blessed my family today, yet again, in a way that for now I cannot share. So just trust me when I say that she is an amazing and Godly friend and it is such a blessing to have her in my life. When you read this please say a prayer for her and her family. They are expecting baby number three and she is having a hard time with morning sickness right now. On top of that her hubby is about to deploy, so yeah, please keep her in your prayers!

All that being rambled, I will sign off and say goodnight as I lay my head down to dream of cinnamon coffee on my bedside table as my hubby kisses me goodbye as he leaves for work. After all it will come in just a blink!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Stay-At-Home-Mom Day

Before I get to today I would like to briefly talk about yesterday! Yesterday I had to take the kiddos to the Doc. Breya had her 2 year physical and Liam was being evaluated (again) for his plastic allergy and other allergies. When I got to the office it was crowded. This is actually unusual for the Doc I go to on this particular day of the week. So we take our seat and sure enough we see someone we know. Now, I have to say, for me this is so exciting. When you haven't lived somewhere very long and you are in a pretty large city it is so nice to see familiar faces. It reminds me of my small town home where everyone knows almost everyone else. Anywho, (yes I love this word it makes me smile to say it!) the girl I see was the receptionist at my OBGYN clinic before I had Breya and Liam. She is a very sweet girl and was pregnant when I was pregnant with Liam. She was carrying her first baby who is now a year old! How time flies. I asked her how she was and if she enjoyed staying home or missed work. This is a question I often ask. She said that she loves staying home but definitely misses work. I smiled and agreed.

It seems like the topic that is always discussed is whether or not you stay home or work and which of those is right. But what about when you have to make one decision or the other, or when you make one decision but are surprised at how you feel about it after you make it. What about the feelings of loss when you do give up one for the other. Now she and I both agree that we miss work (I know I am working right now but stay with me) but we agree that we can go back to that later and we can never go back to this stage of our babies life. That being said. I am working now. I do love my job when I am there. I also love being home when I am home. I often miss the one when I am at the other. I often am torn between one and the other. However, I have to work right now for financial reasons and God has truly blessed me with a j0b I TRULY LOVE. Life is hard but following Gods will is what is important and I know I am following His will right now. I only discuss and encourage others to do the same, whatever that may look like.

Ok so on to today. Today was a blessed day. I had a complete day. A complete day to me is a day that I am at home from sun up till sun down and I don't have to worry about switching gears and going to work. I got to wake up to Oatmeal hot on the stove and coffee brewed fresh for me by my hubby before he left for work. This is his new thing, a gift for me to start my day. A true blessing I must say, I am not a morning person AT ALL! The kids and I talked and enjoyed each others company over breakfast. We prayed together and talked about what God has done in our life lately. It was magical. Then I got the bright idea to take Amanda Soule's Idea and "follow summer" ( So instead of breaking out the lesson books we got our swimsuits on and headed to the water park. Unfortunately, the park was out of order! So I drove to the two pools to see if they were open, but they were closed.

I must confess that the pool closing was a shock to me. In PA we have our pools open until Labor day. That is what we consider to be the end of summer. Here in Oklahoma where the temps stay close to 100 degrees and sometimes hotter, well into the first weeks of October, the pools are already closed????

Oh well, it turned out to be a fabulous lesson. The kids and I were blessed by listening to some of our favorite songs on the radio. It was as if God had chosen the play list specifically for us in the car ride. I encouraged the kids to look at the trip as a really cool car ride with really great music....a blessing, not a disappointment because the water park and pools were closed. We got home and only had one in tears and this is like hitting the jackpot in our house. So we ate a great lunch, napped and woke up to a dinning room that I transformed into our art studio. Yes, we painted!

If there is one peaceful activity that we all love to do it is definitely painting. We can sit and paint and be at peace with very few words if you give us canvas's, paint, and brushes. And you must know that if our house has very few words in it, it is bound to snow in San Antonio! :)

I also got to fold four loads of laundry, rearrange my kitchen, do two loads of dishes, make a fabulous home-cooked meal, and have time to play Littlest Pet Shop with the girls, Animalz with Liam, Webkinz with Aidan and Animal Crossing by myself!

On top of all that fabulousness I found a Yoga studio downtown that has affordable rates and so tomorrow I will broach the subject with Bren for a few nights out a week to get back into the 'sport' I love so much!

Lastly, I had time to peruse my favorite blogs and have added a button to my page for you to check one of them out. It is at Sorta Crunchy. Megan is the author of that blog and she and her friend are writing a book together about following Christ on the natural, attachment parenting, journey. I couldn't be more excited to have found her. My dissertation in college and my passion is in attachment parenting. I am so glad to know that there will be a book that I can give at every baby shower very soon! Each Monday she updates us on what the writing process is like and where the book is heading. Check it out, her daily blog is a great encouragement as well!

Goodnight friends! Be Blessed!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I was kidnapped and it was a fabulous journey! I woke up, very begrudgingly as I am not a morning person. I really thought that after my five little ones were out of the baby stage that they would sleep through the night, but I thought wrong. And so, morning comes ever so slightly and I very aggressively try to ignore it. However, today I had to be at work to make some announcements and prepare for the teachers training. I was excited because I got to walk to work before the oppressive Oklahoma heat kicked up and Brendan would get all the kids (plus one who spent the night) ready and to the second service on time.

So when I finally mustered up enough strength to lift my cover and leap into the day I thanked God for the beautiful morning glories growing under my window. It is my favorite view in all of Oklahoma. The white lace curtain in my bedroom pushed aside just enough to see several blooms soaking in the morning rays. My mom and I planted those flowers last year when we moved into this house. It is so romantic to have several strong plants of morning glories, growing wire lattice under your bedroom window. You really should try it!

Anywho, I got my shower and got dressed and quite quickly headed out the door. It is amazing how little time I need to get ready when it is only me that is walking out the door! SO I did just that, I walked out the door and down the street off to chapel. It was beautiful. The sun was shining, the Oklahoma breeze blew, and the temps were still in the high 70's! On the way to church I listened to nature and prayed for God to guide my words as I delivered the announcements of the day. As I was lost in prayer admiring the clouds he grabbed me. He grabbed me and put such a huge smile on my face and in my heart. He filled me with joy and boundless energy. When it was my turn to speak I made eye contact with people in the congregation, I made people laugh, I made them smile, I made them think. I was even praised by a few different people at the end of service.

Then the second service came and the same thing happened. I made the congregation laugh, I made eye contact and I made my son feel like the most special child in the whole church. After church I ran a meeting and welcomed to teachers. I engaged our volunteers and got to know them all a little better.

It was a really great time, but you know what the absolute best part of it all?????

Each and every time I said "I did or I made....etc...." above, it was actually HIM. He kidnapped me, HE carried me, HE held me, HE guided me, HE led me. Each and every word that came out of my mouth was a blessing to me because HE gave it to me to share.

It is quite an amazing experience to be kidnapped by God and led by the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful to my friend Jesus, because He made all of this happen and it was a really cool day!

Have you been Kidnapped by God lately? Please Share!