Sunday, August 9, 2009


So every once in a while something will spark the ember inside a military members heart, that is the longing for home. Today, in two separate moments, by completely different flames, the sparks were lit within Bren and my hearts. One day, one very grand day, we will be proud owners of "our home" in Gettysburg. It is a specific home, the one in which we fell in love. The one that we dream of regularly. It will provide a studio, a store, and so much more. It will be our retreat, our vacation home, my deployment survival location, and our families one place that we can always call home. For now, we dream, and hope, and pray for miracles. We think, and plot, and plan, to one day be able to begin the process of buying "that one home." But for now, we are grateful for our adventurous life and look forward to a time when we will have a constant that provides that bit of respite that all warriors and adventurers need.

On another note, We had quite a funny today. Aidan (7) looked so concerned as I came in from sitting out front for a bit of fresh air today. He had is Santa hat (aka sleeping hat) on and pulled down over one eye and he had his typical dramatic yet inquisitive look. I didn't think much of it, as he always has one look or another. However, he stumbled and fumbled over a few words that I could barely make out. (This is his way of gaining sympathy before he tells you something serious) Basically, he told me that he needed to tell me something that he wanted "NO ONE ELSE TO HEAR" "NOT EVEN DADDY" OK so I already know that I am Aidan's confidant and I love this role very much, I hope I can maintain this forever! Anyway, when he doesn't want Daddy to know it is because he is feeling rather guilty. What is funny is that he knows I tell daddy everything, but he also knows that I am much like a lawyer representing him to the judge who is Daddy.

So I bring him into my room and after a few minutes of tripping and flipping out over the thoughts of what is going to happen to him when he confesses his horrendous crime, he takes his Santa hat off and points to one eyebrow that is dramatically smaller than the other! I have to admit that at this I have a very hard time not laughing. I remain composed so that he does not know that I think that this is hysterical and I get very serious-like. I ask him why his eyebrow is smaller.

"Well I wanted to be like Daddy so I used his thing for his face" His razor I say.....'"No, wait what's a razor" Aidan, a razor is a shaver and it is tiny knife blades that are so sharp that you are lucky you didn't cut off you entire eyebrow and have to go to the ER to get stitches (you really have to match his drama or it isn't going to resonate) So the tears come pouring out (again) and he says how sorry he is and how scared he is to tell Daddy. He said he just wanted to be like daddy and since he didn't have hair on his chin or cheeks he thought the hair on his eyebrow would work...but now he just looks silly. He said "I didn't think it was dangerous!"

I then changed the topic a bit and shared with him this story.

When I was his age I was using the bathroom where my dad had left his pocket knife. I was so excited to have the chance to open it that I locked the bathroom door and opened the knife to explore it's grandness. (It was off limits and therefore very grand!) As I ran my finger over the shiny blade I was much that I didn't even realize that it cut me! When I noticed the blood I freaked out and tried to close it. I didn't know that you had to squeeze the back part so I just kept trying to force the blade shut. I cut myself many more times because I didn't know what I was doing and I was too scared to get into trouble. So I just sat there, for what felt like an hour. I covered my bleeding with toilet paper and hoped it would stop. Eventually, (after probably only a few minutes) my dad came looking for me. I opened the door and he knew exactly what happened as soon as he saw me. I don't remember if there was a punishment, but I know that there was a discussion about the lesson I learned. Aidan couldn't believe that I had done something like this.

A few minutes later I told Bren what happened and he too had to swallow laughter. Especially when I told him about Aidan "making due" with his eyebrows LOL.

So my gracious husband makes Aidan tell him the story (even though he already knows) because to Aidan this is the worst part. It seems so universal that confessing the sin is the hardest part. When Aidan gets the story out Brendan takes him into the bathroom and shows him the razor, all three blades and explains how sharp it is. What could have turned into a big disciplinary time thus pushing Aidan away, actually brought Aidan closer to his father. I am so grateful that Bren cares about the relationships that he is building with our children, as much as he cares about the lessons he wants to teach them!

So Longing hearts, a cute story, and props to my husband....this is a pretty well-rounded blog today, yes?!?