Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Never a dull moment...

Did I use this title before? Nah, this is a new revelation around here HAHAHA! No seriously, it really is never a dull moment around here and this week is not anything different. You see, It started with the news that I would have to have a hysterectomy on Friday. So I started the pre-op stuff on Monday, but before I could get there my darling Violet 'had something in her ear'. So I checked and sure enough she did, a bunch of blood. The poor things ear was bleeding. Sometimes I feel like I have seen it all with my brood but this scared me quite a bit. It was bleeding so profusely for 45 minutes that we changed towels and outfits three times and finally it dried over. When we got to the Dr. she could not even see in the ear effectively because of how much blood was in there. Clearly her eardrum ruptured and she is now on a ton of meds but until it clears up we won't know if there is any significant damage. HOWEVER, again this little princess is such a trooper. As a baby she had RSV and pneumonia without a cough or fever. She broke her arm last year without a tear. This little girl surprises me every time. She is so sweet and gentle and yet can take such hits and not even cry or complain. God has such mighty plans for this little girl. Please keep her in your prayers! I must say though, today she is up and playing like normal, taking care of her babies and being the most active little girl as usual.

On another note I will be in surgery on Friday, then in the hospital for three days and then on bed rest at home for a week. I am sure I will be writing but hopefully I will not be going stir crazy. Sitting still will be something very new to me.

I look forward to the morning of play with my chillies and then off to work to finish preparing for my time off. On the note of work, one of our new chaplains is here. He will be replacing our senior protestant chaplain and he is an absolute Gem as is his family. I am so excited to work with them. They are on fire for the Lord and love kids and children's ministry. The young adults are also becoming more involved in the children's ministry! It is going to be a fabulous new year!