Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today's our anniversary, it's our anniversary, lalalala. Four years ago today I married my prince charming! More often than not I get caught up in the fairy tale world. Yes many days he is more like Shrek than Eric and I more like Fiona than Ariel, (that Little Mermaid analogy was just for Avagrace lol) but by his side is where I would rather be than in the finest castle in the world. He is my gift from God and without him, I would not be the woman I am today!

That being sad I have to share one glimpse into our day. Brendan was so thoughtful he got me three cards. One from the kids that had chimps dressed in bridal attire kissing, it was cute and funny and Aidan picked it out. He had both Aidan and Avagrace sign it, and that is soooo cute! I love to see my babies write! The second was a funny one with a chimp in a tux holding out flowers saying how he picked the perfect card. But it was stuck together so I couldn't open it. So I flipped it over and it said "it doesn't do what it is suppose to either" YES it cracked me up! and Brendan too. But then came the real card. It was beautiful, romantic, but real. It said something that is very relevant to our marriage right now. The best part is that my card to him was speaking the same language about the same season of marriage that this last year has brought us. It blessed my soul to see that we were on the same page. Thinking the same thing, and wanting the same things.

To the love of my life, I pray that we never let ourselves step in a direction even a footstep away from the direction of the other. It takes only a nudge to steer a ship off of it's course and forever change it's fate. To you I wish to be glued!

In writing this I pray for the many marriages struggling right now. Trust me I know how you feel in one way or another. I pray for John and Kate Gosselin. I love them dearly and I pray God's hand in their marriage. I pray that someone is able to hand each of them a stack of scriptures on index cards, so that they may post them on their foreheads and bind them on their doorposts like they did in the hospital. I pray for the many marriages out there because I know that the evils in this world do not want one to be two. Strength is in numbers and marriage is the strongest bind their is. I am thankful that we have stuck with it and today more than ever I am reminded why we have and to keep sticking at it harder each moment.

Thank you my friends and family for your prayers! We have been so blessed!