Saturday, May 16, 2009

I LOVE my children and thank you God!

Today was such a fabulous day. The kids and I got to work on our house....we are almost unpacked one year later! For those of you close to me you know how badly this has tormented me. I am usually unpacked in a week (no joke!) But with all that has happened in the past year, well need I say more. We had a lot of fun, had a great nap, and then went to a birthday party at Incredible Pizza.

It was awesome. First of all the birthday party was for very close friends of ours that are near and dear to our hearts! It is always extra special when the birthday party is for loved ones and not just a random kid, although all birthday's are fun! On top of that another family was there who are like family to us! Their are five kids in the family but their youngest is 9 or 10 so they are a mirror image of us but older...we have a lot in common and I am always blessed and loved on when around them. We spent hours at incredible pizza. Eating, playing games, riding rides. The best part is that each of my kids had an adult/teen with them so each one got one on one attention and so much love. Avagrace was my partner and she was able to ride rides like a carousel and a mini train, play games, and win prizes and she didn't need to worry about her head or seizures at all! It was so nice to see my children happy and excited.

On the way home we had to stop at Target for baby formula and our family of friends had to go to. So we went together, thus making my trip there so much more do-able as well! The (soon to be) 17 year old was wearing her I-Pod when we left and Aidan said how he wanted an I-Pod. Gracie wanted to know what it was so Aido explained it. She then said, that is so silly. It shouldn't be called an I-Pod it should be called an Ear Pod. I thought that this was hysterical! I just love my children.

When we all got home and tucked in to bed Avagrace fell right asleep after naming her prize that she bought with her tokens. A stuffed 'allergator" named Emma. It is brown and she loves it! She won the most tickets because she played this one game over and over because she figured out how to get it to spit out a ton of tickets.

Today was one of those days that just shines of God's grace, love, and blessings!

Thank you to the "B" family for inviting us to your birthday celebration and to the "F" family for blessing us with your love and attention yet again!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Super Kids Day and A Dear Friend Moves Away

Today was super kids day at "the" Elementary School. It is a field day full of outdoor games, a few in the gym, and lots of smiles and laughter. The older kids in the school (fourth and fifth grades) run the games while teachers oversee the areas and parent volunteers fill in where needed. The kids from all grades then have a partner from their class that they get to stick with to experience all that this day has to offer. Avagrace was not able to participate unless I was there, for obvious safety reasons. I had a babysitter scheduled who had to cancel. My favorite day-time back up is in labor (come on Maddie we can't wait to see your precious face and sweet baby nose and feet), and so I began to think about people whom I really trusted and cared for but don't often think of as babysitters. I immediately thought of a friend of mine who became very near and dear to me over my husbands last deployment. She is a friend from the chapel who has an fifth grade daughter. My kids just love the whole family, but especially my tender heart Violet. Violet could just sit in this friend of mines lap for hours, soaking in the gentle hugs that she gives. She is one of those women that can heal a soul with a simple 5 second back rub.

For a long time I have been wanting to invite this family over for dinner but have never found or made the time. Unfortunately, they are retiring from the Air Force and will be moving to Alabama in just a few short days. It turned out that when I called "Laura" she was in need of a laundry machine since her house had been packed up the day before. They were down to no furniture and only a few changes of clothes. For you military members out there, you know the deal. Sleeping on the floor before your final out. So she brought her laundry and watched my littles while I paraded around super kids day with Avagrace.

It was a lovely, energy filled morning. I am embarrassed to say that it wore me out! (although this could have something to do with the four hours of sleep each night for the past week, and maybe some part related to the no breakfast habit I have found myself in, but whatever) It also wore Avagrace out. With her two medicine cocktail's right now, being worn out was the last thing she needed. However, she had a blast and was so excited to be there that the first thing she said to her teacher was "Look Mrs. B, I am here today, I get to play too!" This made everything involved so much more worth it!

When we got back from the program at Avagrace's school "Laura" was doing her laundry and loving on Violet and Breya. Liam was sleeping peacefully. The fence had been fixed by housing and "Laura's Husband" was unloading some beautiful house plants as a gift to me. They had decided that the plants would not make the cross-country commute in their already full van and so they were blessing me with some lovely foliage for my home! It was bitter sweet. I was so incredibly thankful. I love houseplants. They are plants and they don't have the bug requirement that outdoor plants do! PERFECTO! However, I knew that soon these plants along with some found memories would be all I had left of the relationship that I pray will continue through emails, letters, and perhaps the occasional phone call although if anyone knows me they know how I detest talking on the phone.

I was even happier to have them in my home that day because I had made my "famous" chicken salad the night before and was able to make them a lunchtime meal. While it wasn't the family dinner I had hoped for I was ever so grateful that God had given me the time with them today that he had. For friends are here for a season, a situation, or a lifetime. In the military we know that all too well.

A send-off I am thankful for, sweet, simple, intimate, and yet these send off's never get easier. As this is the first of many this summer I am looking forward to seeing who God will bring to live in their houses and to hear how God is using them in their new locations as well.

One send off down, approximately 8 more to go....this is a big PCS year for our friends.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I should have seen it coming!

So yesterday when I wrote about a normal day without surprises, I should have seen it coming.

I woke up to see the clock yelling 8:11 this morning. Fabulous, 19 minutes until departure time. Quick, I jump out of bed, run to the beds of my 'over sleeping children' but alas they are not there. They have put a movie in, before school!!! "This is not Saturday morning! Quick we must get dressed." Run, Run, Run back to the girls room to get their clothes, and "Oh My!" The ceiling is on the floor. (For those of you who traveled through the deployment chaos of a year ago, you will remember that the roof was replaced for this same issue. A YEAR AGO!) It isn't like we are in Seattle, how can a roof wear out in a year?

Ok, call housing, get the girls dressed, pick up the sleeping baby. "Aido, get a head start and walk straight to the cafeteria for breakfast you need to eat there today." "Don't stop to talk, go straight to the cafeteria." Meanwhile our dogs have escaped from the back yard because the lawn guys broke our fence yesterday and Aidan wants to catch them. "Mrs. So and So already brought them back once today Mom, she is at work now, nobody else will know that they are ours." I tell him No, I will get them when they are in school on time. He leaves, I get the girls ready and out the door we go. Only to see Aidan walking to school with a boy who lives five streets down the opposite direction. "AIDAN, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!" How unsafe that was. To say the least he will not get to walk alone anymore!

So we are all on our way. Me holding Liam and the little girls walking as quickly as possible. Avagrace skipping along. Aidan stomping his feet to the sound of "I got busted and am mad about it." To the cafeteria we go and we are going to be on time. That is until my children decide to talk, talk, talk, instead of eating. I have no idea why they talk so much, it is so not like anyone in my family!

Late they are, but they made it. A few minutes later and we are back at home. Winston is in our house, someone returned him for us. You can tell the dogs that get out a lot when the whole base knows who they belong to! I am worn out already and I have only been up for, what an hour? My friend comes over to visit with her two boys. It was a lovely visit and she helps me get caught up on a few chores before it is time to get Gracie again. My friend leaves, I put Liam in the sling this time, yeah free arms! We start walking and WINSTON! He managed to run out of the house when we were leaving and runs away. Thankfully a passerby stops him and I put him in my neighbors yard. Oh but he is so athletic he can squeeze through their fence as well. He meets us in the middle of the road. He is so dumb if I let him go he would probably try to jump in a moving car. So I pick him up and no more free arms. I am carrying a dog and a baby in a sling. My two little girls are following behind and the gate guard jokes that I look like the pied piper. Funny! I forgot my ID but he says that he will allow the pied piper back on base. We get Gracie and I carry the 20 pound dog all the way home.

Next is lunch, and then nap! My favorite, well my second favorite time of the day! I lay down to watch Gracie sleep and to nurse Liam but I fall asleep myself. I then wake up 15 minutes later to a giggly smiling sweet baby boy. I was so happy to have one on one time with him before the girls woke up. We then started to fold the laundry and switch the loads, get dinner started, and clean up toys. They got to watch a movie, this is a favorite in our house but a one TV time a day (at most) rule has been put in place. Now it is extra special!

Some more friends came to visit. They are going to have their first baby any day and were walking through labor pains so they came to visit for a bit! I got to talk to my husband and then I did something to surprise my him when he returns.

One of my best friends, and neighbor, came over as she does most nights. She fed Liam and I got to eat with the kids! Very nice! We chatted and spent dinner time together. Then it was desert and bed.

So now I sit here writing in my blog with the three youngest asleep. Aidan cleaning the bathroom out of anxiety. (yes you read that right. I went in to the bathroom in the midst of writing because I heard a spray going and going. It was Aidan spraying the toilet with Lysol. "what are you doing" He said "I couldn't sleep. My mind is too busy. So I decided to do something nice for you" How could I get mad at him. I have to admit, I am the same way. The apple did not fall far from the tree. He is such a sweetheart. So I say "ok but finish up so you can get a goodnight sleep. Tomorrow is Super Kids day and to do really well you need sleep!"
Avagrace on the other hand has fallen asleep at least three times only to wake up a few minutes later. She is on two seizure medicines right now. We are slowly decreasing one and increasing the other. This is very hard on her. These are mind altering medicines and it messes with her sleep, emotions, appetite, etc. She is very emotional and restless. But she keeps leaning in to kiss me and tell me she loves me. She also asks me to rub her hair, and of course I am eager to oblige. I love to love on my kids!

So no it was not a "normal day" but it was normal for me. Full of surprises, drama, love, laughter, emotion, friends, and most of all Gods hand guiding me through it all. I didn't get to tackle the office yet. But who knows if I can't sleep I am sure I will be in the office like Aido was in the bathroom.

I hope that you all have had a wonderful day full of JOY!!! By the way, does anybody know of a good word of the day email program?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Day in the Life

Does anyone ever really have a normal day? Yes, I am being serious. I mean, I know that there is always some "normalcy" (this is one of my favorite 'words') like a schedule or a run down of what you want to happen....but can one actually stick to it? Is there a big family out there that eats breakfast at the same time each day, does their chores/exercise/play at the same time each day? If so, when do you schedule in doctors appointments, is there a 'miscellaneous hour' scheduled in for appointments and last minutes?

When I had just two and even when Violet came along I did have a routine and schedule that we stayed very close to. Now it is haphazard most often. I would love to implement a regular exercise time for all of us, a regular breakfast time, a regular craft/creation time, a regular chore time etc....the evenings are still very much structured like this, but our days are so jumbled.

I am hoping tomorrow that I will not have any last minute doctors appointments, school issues, or whatever. I am really wanting to get started and finished with the office and I am coming down to only a few days left before Bren comes home. I can't wait to see him! I just want the office to be done first!

I am truly interested in hearing about your schedules or lack there of. Do share!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

What a fabulous Mother's Day. It was fabulous not because of anything that happened or anything that we did. It was fabulous because of the mood of the day and the day in general. The kids were so sweet today. The house was peaceful and relaxed. I heard so many thank you's from my babies that I was actually surprised! I don't think that I had to remind them once. I even got to talk to my hubby and we could hear each other! Lindsey came over to hang out and she helped to make bath and bedtime that much more smooth! We even got to talk and laugh and not be interrupted by the little ones! It is a day like today that is the best gift of all!