Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pinny Kig

For some reason my children LOVE Charlie and Lola along with any other Lauren Child masterpieces. (I have know idea why, wink wink!) However, Violet seems to love it the most.

Today my baby sitter was telling me about Violet getting very upset on Monday, because she could not find Gracie's "Pinny Kig." She was frantically searching about and Cassie was trying so hard to help her but could not figure out what she wanted.

"Mrs. Cassie you know, the Pinny Kig, like Lola loves and loosed it in the show" Violet explained to her. And then it dawned on her. Violet loves Pinny Kigs and now wants a real one. She was looking for Avagrace's Webkinz...a Guinea Pig.

Sorry Violet we considered adopting Guinea Pigs when Aidan and Avagrace were very small and we realized that they are a lot more work than one would thing.  No matter how cute those "Pinny Kig's" are, the stuffed animal will have to suffice for now.

She is just too cute, I know....:)

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  1. Hahaha I knew it! In our house they were "gimme kigs" for the longest time. Josh had only seen them once or twice at Petsmart, so he got some weird toy in a Burger King meal and decided to call it a gimme kig. I'm pretty sure it's actually some kind of owl monkey...


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