Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A doll house fit for a princess

This year one of my best friends Lindsey, her husband Joe, and I were talking about what I was thinking about getting the kids for Christmas. I mentioned to Lindsey that I really wanted to get Avagrace a doll house that would accommodate her Only hearts Club Dolls. They are 9" dolls that are made to look like real children. They have poseable cloth bodies and are all different complexions and hair types. We love them! They even have a club and books to go along with them.

So I was telling them about this really cool house at the "red-bulls-eye" super store that was on display and seemed to be perfect, but boring. There was a house similar to it at Costco but it was huge and had rooms all around it and not just on one side, but it was like $350.00! With five kids there is no way we would ever spend that much on one present.

A few days later Joe said he could build it. "It won't be perfect like a store bought one but I can do it, it's simple enough" he said. SOLD! "perfect" I thought, who needs perfect HAND MADE IS SOOO MUCH BETTER! So Lindsey and Joe made the structure and a bed to go along. And they made it better than the other one. It had stairs on the side of the house, not taking up the middle, they put a roof, and three floors in...it was awesome and the supplies for building it only ran $80 something.

So for several weeks Lindsey and I personalized it with wall paper, tile floors, paint, and furniture. It is awesome! And on Christmas morning Avagrace and every other child in this house was ecstatic! We (yes we meaning me too) have played with it every single day! There is nothing like a professionally done HOME MADE doll house! Thank you my dear sweet Lindsey and Joe! We miss you guys terribly!

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