Monday, December 7, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

My mother can attest that I was in the emergency room quite a bit as a child. Maybe not as much as my brother, but that is a whole blog in and of itself! Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree they say and my poor accident prone Liam has proven it time and time again.

Saturday night the kids went to a parent's night out at a daycare center and chipped his tooth. LONG story and I was quite upset but his tooth is ok now...oh and this is Liam saying 'cheese' hahaha, he is quite a bit like Uncle Freddy!!!

Then Sunday morning we were getting ready for church, all of us were in the girls room putting dresses on them, and Liam fell into the bookshelf as he walked into Bren's leg while Bren was holding Breya. The side of his ear hit the edge of the shelf and cut through the cartilage. It looked like we took scissors to his ear except his hit hard enough to cut his head just behind the ear wound as well. So instead of church and the Sunday School Christmas party we spent the morning in the ER getting 6 stitches.

Now today, during dinner Liam toppled forehead first into the wall and looks like this!

My poor little tough-guy! He is going to keep us busy!


  1. Wow the poor little guy has been busy! Hope he gets to feelin better and doesn't get anymore boo-boos. My boys were the same way as babies...especially when it came to their heads. My oldest even drove his little motorcycle off the porch once...right onto the cement sidewalk. I was convinced it was the daring boy girls never took those types of risks! Hope he feels better soon!

  2. He is starting to remind me of Violet and Breya! He's such a strong willed little guy!


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