Monday, November 16, 2009

Update on Gracie

For my regular readers, you already know that Avagrace has been going through another medicine switch. To date this is the first medicine switch that has not had major adverse affects! PRAISE GOD! She is improving and is not regressing quite as much! She is more like her typical self than ever before!

She has gone to 25 mg of Zonisamide and 5 mg of Melatonin at night and 750 MG of Keppra XR with a B6 in the morning. in 2 weeks she will be on just the Keppra XR.

I am very optimistic about the single medication plan with Keppra XR. She has never been able to be seizure free with just one medication, however, Keppra XR is an extended release so that means it will maintain it's levels in her bloodstream longer.

Please keep this switch in your prayers. It is always best to be on the least amount of medications. This means fewer side effects and a healthier brain. With the Gluten and Dairy (almost 100%) free we have seen significant improvements as well! Now if only we could find an athletic program that will allow her to join and that the doctors will approve of! Come on Dance!!

On a side note I have an article published on Divine Caroline for National Epilepsy Awareness Month, please take a moment to check it out! Just click on the Divine Caroline Link above!

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  1. Hi Virginia,

    I wanted to comment seeing that you have spent such a great deal of time crafting very detailed posts about your family. I'm glad to hear your continued optimism as you navigate through life's challenges.

    I would like to say that much of your discussions on epilepsy would benefit from some references so that your readers can see first hand what the expert opinions are. I will also say that some of your comments, while stated as fact, are more of an opinion and should be qualified as such. For example, being on only med is one of many treatment goals, but the primary goal of acheiving a seizure-free state remains.

    I do hope that removing one of Gracie's medications will be a good solution, although I can't comment fully because I don't know how effective the 2 medications were, and thus can't give you any info on predicted success while taking just one.

    Continued well wishes to you and yours, and we discussed before, I am happy to help you in anyway with respect to epilepsy-related data and materials.

    -Cousin Jhilya


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