Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Place your oders! Team Avagrace apparel!

Team Avagrace apparel is now on sale! The back says "Spoons are useful, but not during a seizure!" During a seizure: Keep mouth clear, Protect Head, Call 911, Time it!" The front says "Eliminate Epilepsy, Team Avagrace"

The best part of these shirts are that they raise awareness. The second is that they raise money! All proceeds will go to one of two places.

The first is for a swing that is safe and accessible for children with epilepsy, autism, limited mobility etc to be placed right here on base! There are many children on base with health limitations and yet no accessible playgrounds or equipment! If the base will allow us to donate on in Avagrace's name this will happen!

The second place would be the National Epilepsy Foundation for research so that we can find a cure. If you have a preference as to which fund you want your money to go to please let me know, otherwise we will divide the money equally.

So here are the pictures. Hoodies are $25.00 and T-shirts are $15.00. They come in all sizes and were designed by me and Avagrace. Order now!!!

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